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Dr. Palkar, MD, Psychiatry, on Prozac and Paxidep Side Effects

Instagram, June 16, 2023: In the beginning, I had different plans. Scroll down to see the plan highlighted in yellow. Now as I write this on the morning of June 17, 2023, I think sharing the chat will be actually evidence-based. Please note that I have zero malice toward any Psychiatrist but I definitely have a problem with how people around the world have been affected by the misselling of Psychiatric drugs. Hold on to your Risk-Benefit Analysis, we’ll discuss it later for sure. For now, let’s focus on Prozac and Paxidep side effects.

Listen, if you are a Psychiatrist reading this, I see you as another student who studied [insert years of your study] to [select: to genuinely help people with mental health issues or take advantage of the rising scope of psychiatry or bluntly enough, make money]. But bear in mind my clarity on adverse drug reactions in clinical pharmacology and more so in psychopharmacology, which deals with the most complex organ of the body, the brain (aka mind). Don’t just yet get your defense neurons fired up. Read the chat and understand the conversation with an MD in Psychiatry from India on what he says or how he defends Prozac and Paxidep side effects.

Intended Observation

Let this be not guided. You, as a patient or a mental health professional, see what best you can extract from this conversation on Prozac and Paxidep side effects to better your position with regard to patient communication and commitment to psychiatry. If you have no takeaway yet, maybe wait for a natural rising.

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Chat extracted from comments and replies as is. Conversation duly filed.

LA: @psychidiaries, What is your take on Prozac and Paxidep?

Dr. Palkar: @mustermynd, They are medicines useful in managing depression, anxiety, OCD, and a lot of other mental health disorders. They work great for some cases, they might not work for some other cases. Just like every other medicine. It is important to follow the guidelines of your doctor when taking these medicines and continue to follow up. Not to abruptly discontinue them.

LA: @psychidiaries, Ok, but you know the story of Prozac, right? You know Paxidep causes memory delay?

Dr. Palkar: @mustermynd As a psychiatrist, I can only speak for myself, and I know which medicines to prescribe and when and to whom. Also, it’s not that medicines are the only solution for all mental health problems. There are a lot of different management options available. Also, here’s a little secret for everyone who might be reading this- every medicine, every food, every drink, everything that we breathe has side effects. It’s only after evaluating the risk-benefit ratio that the medicines are started. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

LA: @psychidiaries, I will not prolong this conversation here as it won’t be worth it. The risks that Prozac and Paxidep have can’t be even ranked for benefits. Studying neuroscience and Pharma revealed a lot in the last 2 months already besides suffering the risks of the two. Thank you

Dr. Palkar: @mustermynd, All I can say is that a person of scientific temperament would refrain from making generalized sweeping statements either about benefits or adverse effects. I am sorry if you have personally experienced some adverse effects due to these medicines. There are a lot of people who have benefitted from these medicines, and also, please note that there are much safer and better medicines available than just the 2 American brand names you mentioned. I’m ending the conversation here. You are entitled to hold your opinions. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Dr. Palkar: @mustermynd, btw, I am not doubting your knowledge, but Pharmacology is a 1-year-long subject in MBBS and a 3-year-long subject for those who choose to pursue MD in Pharmacology. So, if 2 months have revealed a lot, I would urge you to continue reading further through diverse authentic sources right from the basics to beyond. I am sure that by the end of it, you will come to a better understanding and less judgmental view regarding any medicine or treatment modality under the sun. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

LA: @psychidiaries, I am doing it at Duke University

Dr. Palkar: @mustermynd, Great. All the best for the course. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

LA: @psychidiaries, I will talk about the Risk-Benefit analysis tomorrow, will quote your judgment, cite where we started with a very specific question to where we ended, and most importantly substantiate my standing. πŸ™Œ

Dr. Palkar: @mustermynd, you don’t have to make so much effort. I will be happy to let you win the argument because, for you, winning and proving your point matters more than looking at a different perspective. For me, better holistic management of the patient is more satisfying than winning this debate – that’s what most psychiatrists and clinical psychologists would want. Good night. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

LA: @psychidiaries, maybe you thinking of me as a teenager desperate to make a career. Just so you know, I am done with my career of making money. What I am on now is to reset a lot of negativity in the space of mental health, particularly Psychiatry as that concerns drugs that have a lot of adverse affect on the human brain and body. I am not against Psychiatry but unsubstantiated risks patients are subjected to. If I name the shrinks who have caused me to consider this journey, you would go into silence along with other Psychs. Anyway, a conversation is a conversation and you appear to infantilize a person the moment you say “I will be happy to let you win.” I will have every patient with mental health conditions win with better drugs or without.

Dr. Palkar: @mustermynd, now that’s called “projection”. Never ever did I think of you as a “teenager desperate to make a career.” Have been following you for some time now, and I appreciate the work you do. And I wish you all the best on your journey. Our aims are similar: to help people with mental health conditions. I am sure both of us have better things to do than just sit and argue over here. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

PS: If you experienced benefits with these, good, I am happy for you. But in good interest, I communicate to the rest that please seek a better serotonin booster than these two for treatment of your Major Depressive Disorder.

Linda Ashok

Linda Ashok is an India English Poet & Polymath. She is a mental health advocate studying Psychology from IGNOU'25.