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Must Read Before Buying Magnesium SUPPLEMENT Online

“Magnesium is an important chemical compound needed for brain health. I wanted to get a Magnesium supplement and I went on Amazon. Spoiler: I didn’t buy the product because of reasons I will share with you so you can use your judgment on whether to buy health supplements online without checking with a doctor. 

Let’s first take a look at this product on Amazon. I will help you decode the implications of brand wording, colors used in the product, disclaimers, product ingredients, and much more. Now that you have seen the product as depicted on Amazon directly by NatureMade, the brand, we can now get into distilling how it messes up with our brain.

Brand Name: Using the word “NatureMade,” which is evidently trademarked by the brand, signifies a lot of deliberation that went into it. Using “Nature” in the wording of a brand name is a strategy to reinforce the idea of nature as we see around. Our brain feels safe about the word “nature,” and so this brand name leverages the connotation. But here is the thing, naming a product “Nature Made” doesn’t eliminate the fact that Nature is not devoid of chemicals and Nature is not always safe. We have to know which naturally occurring ingredient has been used to be sure we are not allergic to those naturally sourced ingredients.

Brand Colors: The predominant use of yellow, green, blue, and mustard colors is deliberate to foster a trust factor and product reliance in our brain. But while it attracts our brain to trust the product, it is important to offer buyers product credibility, and this product has none as per its Amazon presentation. And gullible buyers won’t go elsewhere for due diligence.

Brand Credibility: Using brain-manipulating colors to highlight texts such as “gluten-free,” “No Synthetic Dyes, Colors derived from Natural Sources,” “No Artificial Flavors,” “Supports Muscle Relaxation,” and “Supports Nerve, Heart, and Bone Health” on a Non-FDA-approved product as a health supplement is grossly challenging.

Ambiguous Labelling: The product front on brand colors green and yellow says “Supports Muscle Relaxation,” and “Supports Nerve, Heart, and Bone Health,” and then in the following images files, it states “The statements have not been verified by the Food and Drug Administration, US, which is the apex regulating body for all types of things we consume, essentially medicine or medicinal supplements. You will not have a cancer drug for a cancer patient without FDA approval unless you resort to quackery. 

In the back, on a green patch, it says “Gluten-Free,” “No Synthetic Dyes, Colors derived from natural Sources,” and “No Artificial Flavors.” Among these, the part about deriving colors from natural sources has no mention anywhere. Which natural sources? 

The Other Ingredient Section mentions “Color Added” without clarifying the source of that color because that could be an area of allergy, right? Also, the way the product says Magnesium in bold font on the front reveals in the back label that it is only 60% of the supplement. The 40% is the other chemical names mentioned in the Other Ingredients section. Of these 40%, are all naturally sourced from plants or animals? Chemical compounds sourced from plants and animals are all naturally sourced but have specific impacts on specific people. What is “No Artificial Flavors”? How is it possible for anything developed in the lab to not be artificial?


It is a magnesium supplement, not a berry plucked from the garden tree. But this product will still have flavors, which naturally sourced flavor? The way it mentioned “Gluten-Free” as an FYI, don’t you think it is important for a product to mention its flavors and sources too?

Next, we have a disclaimer for people with kidney issues to not consume this product without a doctor’s permission. Very good. But, how is a person likely to know that they have kidney issues by the time they come online, purchase it, and consume it already! It is a major alarm, guys! NatureMade is doing their legal thing, but their product marketing is miserable.

Finally, It says on the front, “No.1 Pharmacist Recommended…” Since when are we prioritizing pharmacists over doctors? Pharmacists are no doubt educated and knowledgeable people but they are never our source for recommendation for any product, even supplements. If you do it, you are wrong! So that label is misleading.

All I needed was a magnesium supplement and all I understood I shared with you. Not just NatureMade, no pharma brand should sell Non FDA food, drug, or supplements. Your health is important and so be fiercely protective to ensure your overall psychological wellbeing coz the brain and body are all connected!

Linda Ashok

Linda Ashok is an India English Poet & Polymath. She is a mental health advocate studying Psychology from IGNOU'25.