Linda Ashok

Like a full-stack software developer, a full-stack digital marketing consultant has the competency to develop and manage everything that establishes a brand’s digital presence. From website copywriting to content writing, managing social media (content & campaigns), I take care of organic Search Engine Optimization (On-Page & Off-Page), Google & Bing Analytics, competitive market intelligence and more.

As an external and internal communications expert, I oversee everything from PR to crisis communication and brand advocacy. I review legal communications and design eminence branding strategies. I know how to guard your business during a media conflict and overall establish your business as a compassionate corporate entity!

To understand media relations and information diplomacy, I invested a substantial period in growing myself as a media-tech entrepreneur; I founded, global technology & business news media, where I monitor and report on tech startups across China, the EU, the US, and India.

I also own and manage some other media news properties in stealth mode. I deal with public relations and domain purchases and selling. I oversee growth at MediaPressToday, reporting on news that informs of India in tech and business and early-stage startup entrepreneurs deserving visibility!

As a journalist, I write about the global startup ecosystem focusing on the latest technology they are building or the nature of business resulting in economic and social impact.

I am very interested in future technology with an inclination toward deepfake, deep learning through Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and the constant mutation of AI/ML.

I am interested in startups operating across industries ranging from space tech to health tech, SaaS innovation to edtech. I have my eyes on the Big Tech (FAANG), litigation, privacy, and surveillance.

Once an Indian English poet, always a poet. I have been the 2017 Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship recipient and resident at the University of Chichester, UK. 

I have authored two books of poetry; Whorelight (Hawakal, 2017) & Waiting for the Helicopter (Hawakal, 2019). I conceptualized and edited the Best Indian Poetry anthology (RLFPA Editions, 2018).

I ran the RL Poetry Award between 2012-2019, which has been a great success helping India discover some of its best new poets now established abroad teaching poetry.

I have been India’s only independent woman poetry publisher counted amongst the top five flagbearers of Indian poetry, publishing award-winning debut English poetry books in a traditional business model.

But, I have moved on to pursue technology and entrepreneurship as a journalist without completely abandoning poetry (I still write). In the words of Mark Strand, “We all have reasons/ for moving./ I move/ to keep things whole.”