Linda Ashok

Like a full-stack software developer, a full-stack digital marketing consultant has the competency to develop and manage everything that establishes a brand’s digital presence. From website copywriting to content writing, managing social media (content & campaigns), I take care of organic Search Engine Optimization (On-Page & Off-Page), Google & Bing Analytics, competitive market intelligence and more.

As an external and internal communications expert, I oversee everything from PR to crisis communication and brand advocacy. I review legal communications and design eminence branding strategies. I know how to guard your business during a media conflict and overall establish your business as a compassionate corporate entity!

To understand media relations and information diplomacy, I invested a substantial period in growing myself as a media-tech entrepreneur; I founded, global technology & business news media, where I monitor and report on tech startups across China, the EU, the US, and India.

I also own and manage some other media news properties in stealth mode. I deal with public relations and domain purchases and selling. I oversee growth at MediaPressToday, reporting on news that informs of India in tech and business and early-stage startup entrepreneurs deserving visibility!

As a journalist, I write about the global startup ecosystem focusing on the latest technology they are building or the nature of business resulting in economic and social impact.

I am very interested in future technology with an inclination toward deepfake, deep learning through Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and the constant mutation of AI/ML.

I am interested in startups operating across industries ranging from space tech to health tech, SaaS innovation to edtech. I have my eyes on the Big Tech (FAANG), litigation, privacy, and surveillance.

Once an Indian English poet, always a poet. I have been the 2017 Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship recipient and resident at the University of Chichester, UK. 

I have authored two books of poetry; Whorelight (Hawakal, 2017) & Waiting for the Helicopter (Hawakal, 2019). I conceptualized and edited the Best Indian Poetry anthology (RLFPA Editions, 2018).

I ran the RL Poetry Award between 2012-2019, which has been a great success helping India discover some of its best new poets now established abroad teaching poetry.

I have been India’s only independent woman poetry publisher counted amongst the top five flagbearers of Indian poetry, publishing award-winning debut English poetry books in a traditional business model.

But, I have moved on to pursue technology and entrepreneurship as a journalist without completely abandoning poetry (I still write). In the words of Mark Strand, “We all have reasons/ for moving./ I move/ to keep things whole.” 


“As founder of a tech start-up for early to mid-stage dementia care, Linda pointed out that I needed to rebrand to ensure consistent brand identity across platforms. She blew me away with her professionalism and talent and the speed she got things done. I hired her as my marketing and branding consultant and gave her autonomy over the rebrand. The results speak for themselves. The decision makes me look like a genius to my team. If you get the chance to work with Linda you should grab it so she is can differentiate your brand and marketing and make you look like a genius!… Kevin Shaw Founder Caresquared Ltd trading as Mindforcare.”

“Linda is a true gem to work with, with her focused concentration and clever sense of humor. Her comments are rapid and humorous. She assisted me in improving my ability to write short posts. Linda is a down-to-earth person who understands what to do and how to accomplish it. She is constantly striving to improve and produce the greatest results. I would recommend her creative writing services wholeheartedly.”

“What makes Linda stand apart from the other professionals in her field is her intuitive skill and her hunger for perfection. Working with Linda is easy because once the requirements are given, she automatically understands how to carve out the right implementation for them. She can build a first-class solution with minimal inputs, and that too, in an amazingly short period. She has a firm grasp of contemporary industry standards and knows how to tap the public imagination. She strikes the right chords so that her clients get attention from their target groups. This is only possible because she pays individual attention to every client’s specific requirement and does not believe in copy-pasting or cloning the same solution for everyone.”

“Linda is an exceptionally talented professional. If you need help with website development, I highly recommend Linda. I appreciate Linda’s integrity and talents. “

“Linda is an amazing mentor and teacher, showcasing her skills at making even a simple thing as a copywriting workshop super interesting and interactive. She’s also very grounded and approachable, always making sure to encourage questions and doubts. Her approach to people and the way she understands them is what helps her explain everything such that they’re left with no doubts. I’m looking forward to learning more from her.”

“No one can achieve anything in life alone. Everyone needs support once in a while, and those who come to your rescue deserve a shoutout! I met Linda Ashok on Twitter and was impressed even before I spoke with her. Once I did manage to have a conversation with her, I was in awe. Linda is a woman of substance. She is witty, intelligent, confident and nothing short of enigmatic. She is one of the most self-assured people I have come across. She is all that and KIND. Not only has she given me great advice from time to time, but she has also entertained me with her stories and her lively laugh. Linda is a Poet, a Journalist, a Media-Tech Entrepreneur and also a woman who understands sisterhood and doesn’t shy away from cheering on others. I feel grateful to have met you, and I look forward to learning from you and growing together!”