Who is Linda Ashok?

Linda Ashok is a multipotentialite. She embodies art, literature, science, and technology with equal flair. At the helm of her endeavors, sits her passion for the language, and she believes that to be in love with the language is to allow your curiosity to explore and flourish. 

Academically, Linda pursued BA in English Literature with a minor in Philosophy. After 16 years of break, she is currently pursuing a Master’s in Psychology from Indira Gandhi National Open University, India. She is simultaneously studying German.

Linda Ashok is an Indian English Poet. She has authored three books of poems and one anthology. 

  1. Whorelight (2017)
  2. Best Indian Poetry (2018)
  3. Waiting for the Helicopter (2021)
  4. Sharpless 29 (2023)

As a poet, Linda Linda established the RL Poetry Award (2012- 2019) enabling many Indian and foreign poets to make their first mark. The award was reportedly one of the Top 4 poetry prizes from India.

Linda Ashok was the first to introduce the Best Indian Poetry anthology in India following the Best American Poetry series in the US by David Lehman. She discontinued as the project was usurped by a senior Indian poet.

Linda Ashok started her first publishing venture, RLFPA Editions in 2016. Due to financial reasons, she discontinued the project and the award that helped reap the manuscripts.

In 2023, Linda is back with her publishing venture now called BookWryter publishing poets and non-fiction writers. Visit BookWryter.com to know more about publishing opportunities.

Linda Ashok started StartuptoEnterprise.com to report on global tech startups of social impact with a focus on the EU, China, the US, and India.

StartuptoEnterprise.com is indexed on Google News helping startups gain global visibility and media credibility. The initiative is open to sponsorship content.

Linda Ashok creates reels for Instagram, carousels for Linkedin, podcasts for Spotify, and videos for YouTube on Psychology and its subjects. 

MusterMynd is Linda’s venture in Psychology-Psychiatry related content helping followers muster their mind through mind, brain, and gut control.

Linda works as a Marketing & Brand Consultant for a UK-based health-tech startup–Mind for Care working in the space of technology for Dementia caregivers.

She is open to new clients in the space of technology across industries as she has experience across Banking, Retail, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources, Tax & Consulting, SaaS, and Health.

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Each poem looks like a prism through which a ray of light passes and gets bent. There is distance and togetherness in them, a feeling of being measured by a calliper for nonlinear dimensions. Loved them.Binu Karunakaran, Poet & Journalist, The News Minute

In contemporary times, Amy Catanzano is a name that stands out for her ground-breaking work and research on the intersections of poetry and science. The poet quotes – “Quantum poetics is an artistic treatment of the poetry-science connection, but within its artistry is an intellectual commitment to accurately representing the science in which it engages .” Sharpless 29 by Indian Poet Linda Ashok, is an extraordinary, bold, and breathtaking attempt in the same direction. Linda’s creative brilliance and cerebral ingenuity shine through every verse of Sharpless 29. The postulates of quantum mechanics have been re-interpreted through her verses in a remarkably original way.Excerpt from Introduction, Indian Poet Ananya Chatterjee

"Everything except living beings is an imagination."
Linda Ashok
Indian English Poet & Polymath