Yeah. Yes, I’m full. I’m so full, my cup runneth over.’ And to know that once your cup runneth over, you cannot spend your life with your gallon-size offerings, offering them to pint-size people.” Oprah Winfrey



Linda Ashok is a go-getter, which is often remarked as “fullness” as quoted above in the lines of the enigmatic Oprah Winfrey.

A multipotentialitie, Linda Ashok, is driven by immense intellectual curiosity as she operates full brain without any bias to the left or the right. It is not about being the best digital marketing consultant in the world, a publisher, or a poet. It is about rediscovering one’s creative capabilities and mapping them on time constraints and the abundance of possibilities.

The poet and writer Ocean Vuong’s debut novel, “On Earth we are Briefly Gorgeous,” is a mean spirit that infested Linda’s heart right from that dysfunctional childhood grazing the water-logged fields of ghost stories and fireflies. “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” is another testimony to how Linda feels about herself and the personal and professional relationships she continues to forge or forget on earth.


Linda Ashok is a full-stack digital marketing consultant with over 14+ years of work experience with Fortune firms and SMBs across industries. She's driven by intellectual curiosity for both the creative and the technical aspects of the digital landscape.


Linda Ashok is the founder of RLFPA EDITIONS where she was actively publishing award-winning poets of the RL POETRY AWARD since 2012. She has also been the founding-editor of the BEST INDIAN POETRY in 2018.


Linda Ashok is an Indian English poet with several global poetry publications, reviews, interviews, features, and the 2017 Charles Wallace India fellowship at the University of Chichester, England. In 2017, she authored 'Whorelight' to critical acclaim. In 2020, her book "Waiting for the Helicopter" got published by Hawakal Publishers.