You must have heard about a Full Stack Software Developer, but a Full Stack Digital Marketing Consultant maybe new. So, in this capacity, I am a digital marketing consultant & strategist for small technology businesses based in the US.

Starting from developing a website, to content development and marketing (social media marketing), I take care of Search Engine Optimization (On-Page & Off-Page), Reverse SEO, Bing & Google Analytics, and overall digital brand management.

As a media-tech entrepreneur, I am the founder of StartuptoEnterprise.com, global technology & business news media.

I also own and manage a couple of other media news properties in stealth mode. I deal with public relations and domain purchases and selling. I am the founder of BrandHappiness.in

As a journalist, I write about the global startup ecosystem focusing on the latest technology they are building or the nature of business resulting in economic and social impact.

I am very interested in future technology with an inclination toward deepfake, deep learning through Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and the constant mutation of AI/ML.

I am interested in startups operating across industries ranging from space tech to health tech, SaaS innovation to edtech. I have my eyes on the Big Tech (FAANG), litigation, privacy, and surveillance.

Once an Indian English poet, always a poet. I have been the 2017 Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship recipient and resident at the University of Chichester, UK. 

I have authored two books of poetry; Whorelight (Hawakal, 2017) & Waiting for the Helicopter (Hawakal, 2019). I conceptualized and edited the Best Indian Poetry anthology (RLFPA Editions, 2018).

I ran the RL Poetry Award between 2012-2019, which has been a great success helping India discover some of its best new poets now established abroad teaching poetry.

I have been India’s only independent woman poetry publisher counted amongst the top five flagbearers of Indian poetry, publishing award-winning debut English poetry books in a traditional business model.

But, I have moved on to pursue technology and entrepreneurship as a journalist without completely abandoning poetry (I still write). In the words of Mark Strand, “We all have reasons/ for moving./ I move/ to keep things whole.” 


Thank you for asking. If you are looking for a website sample, consider StartuptoEnterprise.com

I am afraid that I won’t be able to share websites designed for clients who are operating in stealth mode for business confidentiality.

Thank you for asking. If you are looking for writing samples, consider the BLOG on this website or read StartuptoEnterprise.com

I have also written for DataFloq, Elearning Industry, DZone, & Thrive Global. I have written across Consulting, Tax & Advisory, Supply Chain, Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Financial Advisory, Health Technology, and Banking (Mortgage & Litigation).

15+ years. Started in 2006 and continuing. I have worked with Fortune 100, 500s, and SMBs in marketing and communications across industries such as Consulting, Tax & Advisory, Supply Chain, Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Financial Advisory, Health Technology, and Banking (Mortgage & Litigation).

My services are affordable since you are most likely outsourcing your content and social media marketing from first-world countries or China. 

When you outsource your entire digital marketing to me, I operate as your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). After the initial expectation setting and work orientation, I take full charge so you can relax and focus on your priority activities.

My fees vary based on your need. I charge for value created and not pay-per-word. So, please do not hesitate to email me here. Remember, there is no one-size fit for all businesses.

Yes, absolutely. I have the flexibility of working with both enterprises and startups. But, unless the proposition is too exciting, I am not available for a full-time commitment.

However, if you are working on something compelling and think I can add great value, I am open to discussion. I am mostly keen on tech startups and enterprises in the UK, the US, Europe, and China. 

I get into working with someone through proper expectation setting. In this process, there are expected ambiguities, but largely I prefer that my employer/client/customer knows what to expect from me with tentative timelines.

On my end, I do not micromanage. I neither like to micromanage my interns nor prefer to be micromanaged by anyone. Once expectation setting is done, I expect full cooperation for the execution of the work. I prefer professionals without biases and a standard budget. 

In the end, humans are fallible, and so nothing stands absolute. Communication and integrity are the keys, non-negotiable. Also, whether in a team or a group, I am the same performer. I lead by example and take work seriously.

If I accept your offer, I surely would. However, your business has to be compelling, and so are the people in your team who must respect Asian diversity. 

None. I have been a first-generation college student. During my undergraduation, I managed to complete my honors in English with a minor in philosophy. 

If you are curious about what prepares me intellectually to cater to a wide array of subjects and skills, I will credit my curiosity for what’s next. I study a lot from behavior, books, and business best practices.

I have no watertight classification for hobbies. My hobbies and interests are in unison with everything I do for a living. So, maybe I am studying German or networking on #TwitterSpaces. I may take a break from regular work to indulge in some coding classes from Udemy. I also indulge in traveling, occasional cooking, and illustration. 

Five years from now, I will be on the top of my game leveraging more automation, compounding my client’s/employer’s investment by helping them achieve their goals, creating sustainable employment, and traveling to amass more life experiences.