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Suicide Prevention: Hear Me Before you End your Life!

Dear One, I won’t pretend to know your crisis, but if you are here as per the Call of this article: “Suicide Prevention: Hear Me Before you End your Life!” I assume you need help and I request 5 mins to talk to you!

5 Conditions Check

  1. lost your job
  2. been framed by your workplace
  3. drowning in debt
  4. have no financial support
  5. have to vacate your house for nonpayment of rent

Suicide Prevention: 10 Steps to Rescue Yourself

  1. Take a comforting shower, put on fresh clothes, and take a stroll near a body of water, a children’s park, or through quiet streets.
  2. Sit alone and breathe in the fresh air, and acknowledge that you have nothing left. Understand that although you may feel this way, you still have your intellect and physical capabilities.
  3. If you are responsible as a caregiver for someone on their deathbed, remember that while you genuinely want to assist your loved ones, you can only be of help if you have resources. Accept that you may be limited in what you can do without sufficient means.
  4. Recognize that being helpful is a result of societal conditioning. Your genes or biology don’t inherently require you to aid others, even if it’s your child, parent, or partner who is dying.
  5. If you have a 1000-rupee note (or borrow it if needed), use it to purchase a train ticket to a distant metropolitan area where you can live anonymously. Seek menial jobs and keep your whereabouts undisclosed.
  6. Obtain the Google Pay (GPay) or PhonePe details of a trusted family member or friend so you can send them a portion of your earnings from your new job. Allocate 20% for family, save 50%, and keep the remaining 30% for yourself.
  7. Once you begin working as a laborer, domestic help, or in any low-level position, locate the nearest non-governmental organization (NGO). Speak with the head of the organization and share your story to access free counseling and therapy services.
  8. Once therapy commences, consult a government prosecutor to explore the possibility of filing for bankruptcy in order to clear your debts. Disclose all your creditors, as this process does not incur any cost.
  9. If you experience losses along the way, feel sorrow for the impact they had on your life. However, remember that nothing in this world is permanent. We are like trees, shedding leaves and losing branches. The sooner we learn to rely on ourselves, the sooner we break free from the cycle of life and death.
  10. Besides being a mental health advocate, and student of Psychology and Brain Sciences, I am also a business and tech journalist. Reach out to me with your workplace concern if you can name yourself and I will feature your story on, which will get immediately indexed on Google News and alert the global community.

The Suicide Hour: My Story

I’ve been in the same kind of position as you. I was fired from a big company because they said I broke their information security rules. Even though I was qualified for the job, no one would hire me after I told my story to clear my mind. Since December 2019, I work for myself. I used to have Thought OCD, but now I have generalized anxiety disease instead. I once thought about killing myself, but in my last moments of misery, something changed. I realized that if I died, no one would care and it wouldn’t be a big deal. So, I chose to fight for my place on Earth because it was the right thing to do for my own life. I started a new journey in science when I was 36, with the goal of helping and saving people like you.

Suicide Prevention: End of 5 Minutes

Start ground up fresh. As you rebuild your life, create a sense of community. Be there for others in their time of need. Unless you are a famous name, your death will not get covered by the media, and won’t rake up the revolution you aspire to. But if you are alive, your crisis will be temporary, maybe for a couple of years. Promise me, you’ll be safe. I care about you, human! I insert my faith in Jesus.

Linda Ashok

Linda Ashok is an India English Poet & Polymath. She is a mental health advocate studying Psychology from IGNOU'25.