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David Burns’ Depression Self Assessment

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Are you unsure if you have depression but something is nudging you in the belly to check if it is true? Are you concerned about visiting a psychologist just yet? Or, is the idea of visiting a psychiatrist daunting you?

Whatever is your case, thank you for visiting my website. I have been clinically diagnosed with reactive depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD; and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, GAD. I compassionately welcome you to self assess based on Dr. David Burns’ Depression Self Assessment criteria.

Below are a few questions for you to answer. You can stay anonymous and use this link to share your total score based on which I will share your assessment score. Here’s how to score yourself on the below parameters.

0=Not at All
3= A Lot
4= Extremely

You can use a notepad or your phone to note down the score against each question and give me the total count. Eg: A 1=2, A 2=4 and so on. Your lowest score can be 0 and highest score can be 100. So, go ahead and honestly rate yourself on these parameter if you want the right evaluation. Get the total score and use this link to enter it and I will reply with your score based on Dr. David Burns’ Depression Self Assessment criteria. Based on your assessment, you must then visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

A. Thoughts and Feelings

  1. Feeling ‘sad’ or ‘down in the dumps’
  2. Feeling ‘unhappy’ or ‘blue’
  3. Crying spells or tearfulness
  4. Feeling discouraged
  5. Feeling hopeless
  6. Low self-esteem
  7. Feeling worthless or inadequate
  8. Guilt or shame
  9. Criticizing yourself or blaming others
  10. Difficulty making decisions

B. Activities and Personal Relationships

  1. Loss of interest in family, friends, or colleagues
  2. Loneliness
  3. Spending less time with family or friends
  4. Loss of motivation
  5. Loss of interest in work or other activities
  6. Avoiding work or other activities
  7. Loss of pleasure or satisfaction in life

C. Physical Symptoms

  1. Feeling tired
  2. Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
  3. Decreased or increased appetite
  4. Loss of interest in sex
  5. Worrying about your health

D. Suicidal Urges

  1. Do you have any suicidal thoughts?
  2. Would you like to end your life?
  3. Do you have a plan for harming yourself?

Please note that this assessment is complete only with clinical correlation and not before it. This assessment is intended to motivate people take proactive interest in their mental health and not delay their diagnosis/treatment.


Linda Ashok

Linda Ashok is an India English Poet & Polymath. She is a mental health advocate studying Psychology from IGNOU'25.