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Here’s How Depression is an Urban Concept!

Depression is considered an urban concept but it is a mental health disorder that can impact people regardless of their location. While it may be a common misconception that depression is most prevalent in urban areas, the reality is that rural and small-town populations can be just as severely affected.

Depression is not confined to particular contexts or environments but can be influenced by a number of variables, including personal circumstances, genetics, and life events.

It is essential to acknowledge that depression can affect anyone, regardless of location, and to cultivate understanding and support for those afflicted with this difficult condition.

Read today’s carousel “Depression is an Urban Concept” for a deep dive into a popular misunderstanding of the subject by those as educated and famous as Nawazuddin Siddiqui!

Depression is an Urban Concept

Depression is an Urban Concept

  • for privileged backgrounds.
  • for those in adversities now in fortune.
  • for those continuing with social & financial crises.
  • lack of awareness.

Mental Health: Cities

  • Yes, people migrate to cities for higher education on mental health.
  • Yes, survival in the cities does have an impact on mental health leading to a larger awareness.
  • Yes, income has an incumbent on stress.
  • Not all people in cities acknowledge it.

Mental Health: Villages

  • People in villages mostly live on hand to mouth basis, so they are forced to ignore any health conditions.
  • People in villages are not exposed to awareness programs and lack health units providing such service.
  • They leave for cities for a better life & mental health.

Mental Health Facts

  • If you ask a laborer with a language barrier in English if they know about “Depression,” “Bipolar,” or “Anxiety,” they will be confused and say “No.”
  • To conclude the laborer is saying “No, I don’t have mental health issues,” based on his NO because of language barrier is inappropriate and unscientific.
  • People in villages are aware of their circumstances. It is financial and social stress to think of availing of mental health support because they have to start with convincing everyone, which takes away from their productive hours. And so, they keep quiet, don’t discuss.
  • People in cities too are aware of their circumstances. If it is not financial, it is certainly social stress and lack of not awareness but confidence. People can’t for long hide their mental health treatment and when revealed, they lose their jobs, indirectly. It is my lived experience.

Mental Health Awareness

  • To conclude if mental health is only an urban or natural human concept, one has to go slow in making uncalculated assumptions.
  • Educate a villager about “Depression” and give them the confidence of discretion and/or financial support, I would bet their acceptance.

How can you Help?

  • Know that this life is yours.
  • On your well-being, rests the whole world.
  • You close your eyes, and the world is dead.
  • The body comprises physical and mental wellness & both deserve equal attention.
  • Talk to your friends, families, co-workers, domestic help, migrant employees, and neighbors about mental health.

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Linda Ashok

Linda Ashok is an India English Poet & Polymath. She is a mental health advocate studying Psychology from IGNOU'25.