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Is Gender Dysphoria an Intentional Mental Health Disorder?

Gender Dysphoria: 🌈 When a child is born in the hospital, a board-certified doctor trained in medical school for 8-10 years aids the delivery. The baby is delivered with utmost care. Then a nurse conveys it to the family if the child is a boy or a girl saying to complete the communication, it is mostly, “Congratulations, you’re blessed with a daughter/son.”

In rare cases of a child born with no or both genitalia, they say, “Congratulations, you are blessed with a beautiful baby.” Parents of such babies are also oriented by the doctor about their safe upbringing. There is no society here. The parents and the doctors/nurses. This clears that it is not a sex/gender assignment business, with no forced labeling, it is a safe-delivery-and-handing-over-the-baby-to-the-parents business.

People need to stop saying how they were “assigned a gender” at birth. It is the genitalia and its corresponding term. A vag*na for a girl and a pen*s for a boy. It is as simple as that. No society or doctor cares how the child is gonna be at home. In fact, labeling is biological. We have to identify species as per science.

Now at home, it is wholly on the parents, a young couple trying to figure it out all. It is on them how they must protect the child from the attacks of the world and also ensure they don’t attack the child with their own ideologies. Here, they should not engage in anything that is age-inappropriate.

Give the child a normal* upbringing till the age of 12, which will help the child develop a strong physical and social foundation. It doesn’t matter if the child is born with a sex organ or not. Child safety is standard. Post 12, let the child gradually explore who they are and how they wanna make an impact.

In the case of an intersex child, taking the help of a medical professional a pediatrician and a clinical psychologist is the way. Still, withhold all sorts of surgeries till they are at least 16-18. Here the child studies in a regular school with what they identify with, a girl or a boy. There is no scope for gender dysphoria here until the child explicitly mentions discomforts directly correlating to the criteria for gender dysphoria, which only mental health professionals can understand as per the DSM5TR.

In school, only the principal should know. It is not the business of anyone else. It is fine if people naturally discover. This is not necessary until the child grows their curiosity. Also, in the toilet, the child uses the toilet to their preference but that should be either a girl’s or boy’s toilet, better if the school has gender-neutral toilets. No one peeps in through closed doors.

That’s it. There is no murky gender dysphoria here. No unsettling identities. By the time the child is a complete adult, they should focus beyond these gender issues. Settle with if they identify as a trans man or a trans woman. One can also stay as socially acceptable gay, bisexual, or lesbian, and never bother about surgeries because those hurt the body. That’s how I have known it for 30 years. It shouldn’t be new.

Remember, gender dysphoria is a troublesome psychiatric illness. It is not ill to be transgender, but to not know, is a part of the brain that cannot decide and it needs help. With psychiatric and psychological intervention, a person can overcome gender dysphoria if they are not intentional. In the whole of this, if society, which is a term for people around, makes “criminal advances” by law, they should be definitely subjected to law. 🌈❤️

normal*= Now you might ask, what is normal?

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Linda Ashok

Linda Ashok is an India English Poet & Polymath. She is a mental health advocate studying Psychology from IGNOU'25.