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A Conversation: What is Truth?

My client and I talk at length on various subjects, which helps me learn more about him, learn more about myself, and then finish the required 10,000 steps and more.

So, today, we discussed what is truth. Is it absolute or agile? Is it standard across continents, cultures, faith, personal motivations, etc.? Or, is it a mortal perception that allows time to kill it to usher in a new version?

The reference went back to Cherrapunji that once used to be known for the world’s highest record of rainfall. But, today, it is not so. So it mutates. The Uber driver was intelligent enough to understand it and in fact, he worded the realization when I prompted him to think how Cherrapunji being the spot of highest rainfall has made way to not being the same anymore.

So, how to navigate the space of truth and lie? Self-awareness. If you are a very well-read and informed person with tremendous experience in life, you would still abstain from arguing with someone for whom the truth is their version of the grass.

The truth is the Arctic and Antarctica have six months of daylight and six months of darkness. But you who haven’t lived there might think it is a lie. So you choose what is a greater truth worth fighting for and what is not. You have to learn to discriminate against it.

There is the truth that brings discomfort, hate, and wars, and then there is the truth that puts a broken world into a healing plaster. You have to know. And the best way is to ask, yourself, or the person. Because you want to know more and not limit the possibilities of greater knowledge.

In this regard, choose wisely what is worth your energy and advocacy. That will bring you peace. Seeking truth alone cannot bring you peace. Human beings are not capable of handling all kinds of truth. One such is about their inexistence if they stop thinking.

In the end, my client quips, “The truth will set you free or keep you incarcerated.” I couldn’t agree more with him.

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Linda Ashok

Linda Ashok is an India English Poet & Polymath. She is a mental health advocate studying Psychology from IGNOU'25.