Your Idea for a New Android Feature Bridging Communities & Businesses

Can this Android feature connect the lesser communities while mobilizing individual and enterprise brands for greater social impact & an exponential ROI?

In this article, I talk about one of my several ideas that connect the lesser communities while mobilizing individual and enterprise brands for greater social impact & exponential ROI. Passionate enterprise coders can evaluate the idea for the greater good for everyone within a technology’s reach.

New Android Feature: The Idea

It is a code that auto generates as a non-Internet user purchases a phone. I am talking about a user with no Internet presence; have no email id, nothing of sorts. Usually, when we use an Android phone for the first time, it pops an option for registering an email id. But, with the users with no Internet awareness or presence, the phone generates a code unique to that handset. This code authenticates the user and enables them to respond to any sort of content received on their mobile device.

For example, without a Google account, the user can still use YouTube as a built-in app and respond to videos with likes, shares, and subscription. User may not have access to comment to prevent misuse of this entire function by those who are Internet savvy or those involved with the spam and click industry.

New Android Feature: The Motivation

As a YouTube creator, when if I film stories of lesser communities (E.g., People from the Sunderbans), I would like them to feel happy about being featured on a digital platform viewed by millions. I would like to motivate and acknowledge them and equip them with the means to join the digital world without any obligation to technology.

Benefactor & Beneficiary: Shared Values

I understand that organizations have to invest in creating a product or building an opportunity. So, if I am asking for this Android feature to harness opinion of the lesser communities, I do have the capital to excite corporates review my ask.

My proposed idea helps individual brands and enterprise businesses tap the sizeable Android user base but with a limited or patchy Internet connection, understands it to the extent of entertainment after a whole day’s grind. They are the passive users of YouTube & TikTok videos; their interaction to weigh on a brand impact, reach, and eminence is untapped.


If it is Google investing in this Android feature or Facebook (now that it has partnered with Jio Reliance in India), the ROI for both Google and Facebook will funnel through Governments and businesses with products and services for the target community. 

The idea that I propose here is not only an opportunity for a more significant brand presence and ROI, but it is also equivalent to connecting communities to scale and speed real digital transformation for a humane ecosystem of shared values.

Note: I am open to further discussion because what I have been able to present here is just the tip of potential technology that benefits all.

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