5 Visual Marketing Ideas for Stellar Digital Branding with Canva

5 Visual Marketing Ideas for Stellar Digital Branding with Canva
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I cannot stop raving about Canva ever since it happened to me in 2016. That terrific woman, Melanie Perkins, and her team of exceptional design-tech engineers have mobilised the careers of millions of professionals.

My father is an artist. He is very good at Photoshop and CorelDraw. I don’t know either of them, and yet my visuals stand out as Canva romances my design instincts and pulls me off the closet of bewildering imagination.

In this article, I will reveal to you how Canva can brand your digital presence with stellar graphics and visuals. It has worked for me as a seasoned corporate marketing professional and continues to support me as a freelance digital consultant from creatives to content.

Canva is most famous for social media graphics. Users do have access to ready-templates with drag and drop feature. All one has to do is to create an account and start using the platform. It didn’t take me too long to go for an annual subscription of $119 only.

Five Sexy Things that Canva does for your Digital Branding

Canva is the finishing school for your visual identity in digital branding. Here are five ways Canva means beauty and business, simultaneously.

Gif Marketing with Canva

Ten billion GIFs shared daily. It’s time to get your GIF marketing strategy in place for engaging your consumers. Brands like Pepsi, Gucci, McDonald’s, Wells Fargo, and thousands of others are already using GIFs to give consumers a way to express themselves in messaging apps and social media stories. Canva leads the way with Gif marketing.

Video Marketing with Canva

There ubiquitous video marketing ranging from 360-degree video experiences, shoppable videos, less is more Video, search-optimized videos, live videos, educational videos, vlogging for brands, soundless social videos, and social media videos top the video marketing trend of 2020. And in all of it, Canva adds the finesse to footages and help you deliver them like a pro.

Create Interactive Infographic with Canva

I have explained this to many business marketing units that they have to evolve from the Stone Age of static infographic marketing with dull bars and pie charts. Canva is the portal that the design team can harness to create an interactive infographic that’ll engage and not make its nature call to the spam box. Depending on the creative instincts of the design team, Canva is effective on time, money, and creativity.

Personal Branding with Canva

Create your unique template on Canva and scale up your personal branding in 2020. When you see graphics by Medium or SEMRush, you instantly know the origin. With Canva’s state-of-the-art technology and farsight into design morphology, you set up yourself a personal branding across communications with the existing and potential market. Basically, you don’t need a design team to execute your brand presence when you have Canva.

Be a Digital Artist in Mixed Media with Canva

This is my favourite part. I have done a lot of mixed-media art prints on Canva. I loved it when people took artworks for some produce from sophisticated platforms. Now that I have shared this fact with you, it is time for you to go and indulge your creative instincts with Canva. Canva costs you $119 annually, and in one brief period of professional transition, I earned $88 in one design I created through Canva. I sold eleven prints of my digital masterpiece.

Room for Improvement

Digital Branding with Canva is just getting better by every passing day. The features that Canva has been adding since 2019 make it one of the choicest design platforms. It does have a long way to go in terms of its download video feature as it is still in BETA version. Additionally, it has to introduce video editing screen by screen, provision for adding sound effects, and a Canva extension for Chrome to highlight design ideas from your search results.

Canva as a Design Metric

I have seen recruiters on Upwork mention that they don’t want a Canva “makeshift” designer. It was a plight that triggered me to gush out. Why is it difficult to believe that a simple mechanism can deliver output at par with complicated & outdated mechanisms? Mark my words that much like Photoshop and Corel Draw, Canva too will be a metric to calibrate a designer’s aesthetic sensibilities.

Let’s Canva Together

I don’t share my poetry books; you are free to pick up the novels. Earlier, I was possessive about Canva, but now I welcome all to Canva (it can very well be a verb, why not?) together! You see, confidence is one element that’s responsible for personal and professional development. So, I encourage you to explore it and give me complex 🙂 I urge you to go beyond what Canva has preset for its regular users.

Finally, forget the business part, Canva stirs joy in me—it is the venue for my creative manifestations where I need no Adobe or Adam to calm or console me. Conclusively, Canva is the venue where I hang out dating my creative ideas and sharing them on the blog for the world to enjoy!


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