A Different Intimacy: My Edinburgh Travel Story

Edinburgh travel story

Some intimacies are strangely comfortable without hesitancies. This is my Edinburgh travel story with a stranger on my first travel abroad in 2017. I was like a small cotton ball released from its pod—happy and content. 

Among many things, one particular event is like a Google doc attachment on slow Internet—you keep downloading it forever. Some attachments, you see, are so unique that they loop around you like candy floss.

So, it is an encounter with a man who I had never met before. A mutual friend introduced us over Facebook when the University of Chichester invited me on a poetry fellowship for three months.

I won’t call it a blind encounter. We did interact before I arrived in Scotland. I was so stupid that I asked him the distance between Edinburgh and Scotland.

He did answer me when he came to receive me at Edinburgh airport.  He said that the distance between Edinburgh and Scotland is between Hyderabad (since I lived there) and India.

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The day was cold at -2, but the warmth with which he received me made all the difference. On his face, there was so much joy that I felt like we were buddies from kindergarten.

As we set out toward his place, it drizzled. You can imagine how vulnerable it gets for a writer to be in the company of a kind stranger that too in a foreign country.

He showed me the room I could use at his place, gave me food, offered some wine, and increased the room heater so that I didn’t fall sick. Later, he helped me roll in some comfortable travel stories.

He even took me around, showed me a few places—his workplace, the big broad roads of Edinburgh, a park, a church, birds, and the view of his quaint little backyard from the kitchen.

St Giles' Cathedral
St Giles’ Cathedral

According to the plan, I needed his place to keep my baggage for three days that I had planned to be at St. Andrews for the Stanza Poetry Festival. But now, it seems I have needed him more than I deserved.

Things were so overwhelming that I forgot to carry my purse when he came to drop me at the bus stand for St. Andrews. Without a word, he lent me 100 pounds.

On my way to St. Andrews, I thought about this man and how he comforted me the previous night, allowing me to lie down by his side when I cried like a child for missing my mother. Like seriously, an adult missing her mom!

This story is not about my extended stay in St. Andrews and thereof to Tayport, which too have been fantastic. This story is my Edinburgh travel story about warmth, restraint, and the comfort of being in our bodies without the idea of trespassing privacy. 

Men, in my experience before that, have been jerks. Until then, I didn’t meet a human so close to being a perfect gentleman. Of course, as I said earlier, there was a lot of vulnerability, but I was comfortably numb.

When I left for England, I did miss him sorely and wondered about the impact of a stranger’s affection. Unfortunately, when the man lost his mother a few years later, I learned of her as the source of his tremendous empathy.

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    On reading this, you have given me a warmth like the touch of gentle sunshine after a light drizzly afternoon, walking through the green meadows of Edinburgh 😊

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