Top 6 Post- COVID-19 Creative Work-from-Home Jobs for Moms Jobs for Moms + Dads

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A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who was in her third trimester. During the chat, I came to know that she was worried about her new stay-at-home life even after the repeal of the COVID-19 lockdown. Her main worry was about adjusting to a new life in which her career would dissolve under responsibilities. She was undoubtedly excited about her motherhood, but about her work life, she was clueless. So, that’s been the trigger of this article which I believe will be useful to many moms and dads who would love more family time while ensuring a steady and proper income to take care of every financial aspect. 

Top 6 Best Work-from-Home Jobs for New Moms and Moms-to-be + Dads!

No.1 Work from Home Job: Content Writing

No.1 recommendation for you is to get started as a content writer because that’s where I began my career 13 years ago. If you are good with i) the English language, ii) research and analysis iii) developing concepts & creating new content ideas, you are born to help businesses tap into the digital landscape and grow their clients and customers. Content Writing is a niche area under the whole gambit of the digital marketing that promises to pay well if you ace the game too soon. To know how you can get clients, continue watching the video!

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No.2 Work from Home Opportunity:  Graphic Designing

No.2 recommendation for you is to consider graphic designing as a work-from-home income opportunity. If you are i) an imaginative person, ii) love creating visuals using online design tools, and iii) mostly have an opinion about bad design affecting best of marketing strategies, you are ready to guide businesses in their branding efforts essential for market success. Graphic designing is a specialization under digital marketing and has a great earning opportunity. To know how you can get clients, continue watching the video!

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No.3 Work from Home Opportunity: Social Media Marketing 

No.3 recommendation for you is to offer social media marketing services of you consider yourself a social media nerd. If you are i) good at multi-channel social-media account management, ii) understand what excites users and elicits engagement, and iii) believe in social media as an excellent opportunity for branding and sales-marketing efforts, you go girl! Social media marketing is a specialization under digital marketing and is considered one of the coolest jobs with great earning opportunities. To know how you can get clients, continue watching the video!

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No.4 Work from Home Option: Virtual Assistant

No.4 recommendation for you is to offer services as a virtual assistant. It is not necessary to be creative to earn online as long as you are resourceful and diligent in other ways. A virtual assistant is a person who helps business executives manage their day-to-day business objectives. If you are i) good at time-management and collaboration, ii) research and data-entry, iii) communicating with people to finalize deals and possibilities, you are a resource for the digital world. As a work-from-home opportunity, you are most likely to work during hours when your family is resting because objective would be to work with international clients in different timezones. To know how you can get clients, continue watching the video!

No.5 Work from Home Option: Original Video Content Creator

No.5 work-from-home recommendation is video content creation. As a video content creator, you may or may not directly work for someone. You may either choose to work for an influencer or yourself so that tomorrow you can use your channel to earn money through advertisement. Yes, creativity is an essential component but trust me; it is not high-brow. You are creative enough to create remarkable stories on subjects that matter to you. If you are i) good at using digital tools to create short videos, ii) have a passion for social media, iii) and have a heart of an influencer for social good, make use of your experiences and count the chicken because they’ll hatch if you work diligently.

Ok, so now before I share my No.6 work-from-home recommendation, let me quickly wrap it up with those who have already decided whether to go for content development, graphic designing, virtual assistantship, or original video creation. Guys, at the end of this article, use the links I have provided to create your profile: write a small profile, define your offering, and share the gig with your people who can take your service for the fee you quote. Once you build a good standing, works keep flowing in automatically. Close them on time and move on. Wait, if you have not decided for the ideas I already discussed, then here’s the No. 6 work-from-home opportunity and I bet you’ll love this the most!

No.6 Work from Home Option: Hosting on Airbnb

I know that now the COVID crisis has broken our backs badly, but I am sure that our spirits will retaliate with positivity! And when they do, list a room in your house on Airbnb to host travellers. They would love to experience your local food and living. While you host a guest, you can charge a decent amount which they are likely to pay you over hotels that lack real hospitality. If hosting home is difficult, considering you already live in a small house or apartment or share your space with your in-laws or just too many family members, host an experience; take a client to experience the local cuisine or spend time in a flower-arrangement workshop. Anything.

  • To host your home, go here.
  • To host an experience, go here.


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