Revealing Top 5 Neil Patel Digital Marketing Strategies

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In this article, I will reveal a few interesting facts about Neil Patel- your digital marketing influencer. No, this is not related to anything to him in person but how unwavering fame in the professional space.

I have been following Neil Patel since 2014. There are reasons why he stands out as one of the top influencers in the digital marketing space. Simply keeping a tab on him on the Internet can inform you so much.

After I share with you things I learnt from Neil Patel, I would love to hear from you about what you picked up from him or from someone of his mettle. I have tried to keep this article brief and as informative as possible so that you too can harness strategies suitable for branding your digital marketing presence.

Top 5 Neil Patel Digital Marketing Strategies

Revealing Top 5 Neil Patel Digital Marketing Strategies

The front profile of one of the most influencing Digital Marketing Entrepreneur.

Your Name is your Brand

Neil Patel’s branding is the smartest one. He hasn’t wasted time thinking of a “cool brand name.” He was forthright with his own name. Today, the mention of Neil Patel can either mean him or his business. People do not have to break their heads on figuring the captain of Niel Patel Digital because of the straightforwardness. His name and his profession cohabit parallelly in the minds of marketers around the world.

No 301 Email Marketing

To begin with, his email marketing strategy is very clever. If you have subscribed to his emails or newsletters (well, this is no bait for lure), you’ll notice that while his subject lines are most common ones that seem to have brought a Neil Patel hack, do NOT contain the entire information within the premises of the email. Rather, after his opening pitch, we’ll redirect you to watch his videos.

Earlier, you were only glancing over the email. Now, in his communication, despite not redirecting you to a 404, he cleverly does a 301 redirect (in essence). In this context, neither 404 is a broken link or 301 is a gross redirect. So, even to check what he is trying to say to decide whether to delete the email or archive it for future reference, he has cut a short route to increase his video viewership.

Really, once you have checked the video or taken action on his email as per the embedded hyperlinks, it doesn’t matter if you translate into a lead signing up for his services or have simply deleted the email. Given that it is hard to market to fellow marketers and businessman, Neil conceptualized a strategy by which even your ambivalence is useful. If you won’t act, your footprint will.

Neil Patel Website Lead Generation

How does he do that? He has the same access to the Internet as much as you and I do. But there must be something that is strategically sharper than a laparoscopy. With a very minimum incision on his UI, he lets the lead leak into his bucket. Wait, let me be more specific. Do you know the Uber Suggest search engine on Neil Patel Digital? Of course, you do. So that’s the mind engineering.

In a way, you are not only a potential lead on his email marketing basket, but also the provider of services that he doesn’t have to pay for. Of course, he did, and that’s the one-time investment on uniting Uber Suggest. The search engine is not his intellectual property as there are his peers like Hubspot, SimilarWeb or SEMRush who offer similar search queries with very little variation. In fact, check out Answer the Public, it will give you 5 datasheets without even signing up for your five queries per day.

Neil Patel Blogging Strategy

Neil Patel’s Blogging Strategy is mindblowing. Have you ever thought of how do he and his team deliver such relevant and topical content? How does he even market his content? His strategy is the Amazon Forest Fire or the Australian Bush Fire. It is spreading rapidly. So Uber Suggest helps him make honey from our queries. While bee-headed, we are satisfied with the results we get from an influencer’s own premises, we do not see how we deliver to him ideas to customize his content and communications accordingly.

With the query results, he has already a vast pool of refined queries. Along with that, from the marketing perspective, the 3-minute UberSuggest wait time to scour the Internet for aggregating your query results, helps him keep bounce rate under control. In yet another way, the display results are fully viewable once you have expressed your hunger through signing up by e-mail authorization. It is like, you open up your wallet to a stranger who is curious to see the embroidery and not assess your wealth.

Why you should Neil Patel?

As in the beginning, I already stated that the branding of Neil Patel interchangeably denotes the person Neil as well as his business. Now, I can tell you that Neil Patel is both a noun (himself and his profession) as well as a verb. Going by the strategies discussed above, he is easily the verb that most marketers are keen to pursue to harvest insights and data he has been able to.

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You should Neil Patel if you want to grow like him. He is on a digital roll. If you observe him and his actions, you’ll a lot that traditional marketing programs or certificates won’t give to you. Online Digital marketing Programs can educate you but not enlighten because your knowledge is a potential threat to a fellow Internet user as an individual or business.


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