Top 15 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from a Keyboard!

Today is the 5th day of pan-India lockdown to fight against COVID-19. There is a thick smog of silence and withdrawal in the air. People think many times before laughing because in the subcontinent it is believed that if you laugh now, you may have to cry later. Potentially a superstition, the literate prefer it for stern facial muscles. Unfortunately, for people like me, it is tough to cope when things are so depressive.

How to overcome depression triggered by this coronavirus lockdown? Among a few new things, I kickstarted a digital marketing project for a new client in the health domain. I read and wrote many articles on the coronavirus and its impact on health and business. And while doing so, I have gathered some lessons from my keyboard that never occurred to me before this situation.

Top 15 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from a Keyboard

The Keyboard monument designed by Anatoly Wyatkin was opened on the Uferstraße in October 2010.

Here are the top 15 life lessons I’ve learned from a keyboard. Interestingly, they tell us a lot about the indifference of a keyboard to COVID-19 and experiences we can borrow to stay afloat.

  1. Esc: Escape all unscrupulous resources trying to sell a cure for COVID-19.
  2. F1 – F12: Stay engaged during the lockdown
  3. Tab: Keep an eye on your people dar and wide over a call or chat
  5. Shift: Preserve your energy, shift down to the first gear
  6. Ctrl: Take control of your wellbeing
  7. Fn: Adjust your illumination depending on the situation
  8. Alt: You are test driving an alternate life, assess it thoroughly to decide your future.
  9. Spacebar: Keep that 6ft distance; it saves from COVID-19 and other viruses of the homo sapien species
  10. Arrows: Cupid used them to strike love, Ram used them to kill Ravana, you use your discretion
  11. BackSpace: Sometimes, one step back is two steps forward
  12. Delete: Use Shift with Delete
  13. Enter: Enter with caution
  14. Prt Scrn: Read the offer documents carefully. Action is the only print screen. Don’t believe otherwise
  15. Scroll Lock: Put your feet down against any troll


I guess that while reading this article, you must have been inspired to draw your analogies of life lessons you’ve learned from your keyboard. I am curious to hear the wisdom your keyboard shared with you.

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