These Six Weird yet Futuristic Technology Dreams

Technology Dreams

I was writing a statement of purpose for a higher studies program. There, I find myself talking about the tech dreams I get. I promised that someday when I am more comfortable, I’ll share it publicly. These dreams, if not anything, serve as great plots for Hollywood Sci-Fi movies. But yes, two or three of them are products and can be produced by some maverick coder. By way of sharing, if any one of these dreams is executed in reality, I’ll be most happy that the hours that kept me awake could be recycled to some solution.

Six Weird Futuristic Technology Dreams

Recyclable Spaceship

Elon Musk has been thinking of recyclable spaceships to reduce space debris. I dream of a syringe that reduces humankind to just a single drop to be ejected on the surface of a new ready-to-inhabit planet. The syringe is the recyclable spaceship, a solution for Elon’s concern for space debris and economic space-trip. I can already imagine a hysteric laugh at Elon Musk reading this dream of mine.

Wooden Aeroplane

I have been thinking too much about carbon footprint. So, one day, I dreamt of a wooden airplane with a glass hatchet resembling a Benz convertible. The air-hostess informs that instead of an oxygen mask, travelers will receive bonsai to breathe if there is a drop in the oxygen level. In this way, we control on-air pollution and relieve the treeline from getting bald.

VVA – Virtual Video from Anywhere

VVA is an app like Instagram with pre-loaded locations to enhance an object’s location. If you are in front of the camera, the app will record your movement minus the background. You can then select from a range of locations on the app to position yourself. You can be somewhere in the Arctic but show the world walking down the streets of Manhattan. It could be a rage like TikTok, won’t it?

RealTime Haptic Auditor

I imagined a new app that an entertainer keeps in his pocket during their live performance could fathom the crowd of attendees outside the venue. In fact, like solar panels, the haptic traffic can send stimulus to the performer on the stage for a more engaging performance. The way technology can very soon help us understand the movement of a viewer on the screen for more advanced UX/UI. Similarly, channel analysts can harness data from haptic touch to analyze the viewer’s feelings for an individual entertainer.

AutoMagnet Traffic Control

If all tyre manufacturing companies receive a mandate to girdle the tyres with magnetic strips, it can help keep traffic in check. When a vehicle violates the signal, energy transmitted through the embedded magnetic field on the roads will stop the car tracing by its magnetic code. This automation would reduce aggression with traffic controllers, and in fact, poor traffic men needn’t be on the roads always at risk of accidents. Instead, the traffic controllers can be trained to man a case of signal violation.

My Global Neighbour

A new platform generates ideas for creative people to write, paint, invent and innovate on trending topics that matter. For example, when you are on this app, you can ask for a recipe for Azerbaijani cuisine. Your request will be available to users based in Azerbaijan to answer. Not only something as basic as a recipe, anything that can be contained and transmitted digitally. If you are brainstorming for a socially useful product, you can request a country of your choice. Accordingly, you’ll receive ideas from the users of that country on the next solution technology should consider. When you receive suggestions based on your acceptance, the app will reward the creator. Advertisements exchanged during this transaction will pay for the app as well as a percentage to the creator.


Well, these are the dreams that I remember most accurately. I didn’t arrange any bit of it with my conscience except for the language for clear communication. There have been many other bizarre dreams, but I don’t remember them or are not relevant to technology. Yes, I have a complex brain wiring, and therefore I am dreaded by people who have linear imagination. This has caused me insomnia and laid me on treatment for depression. So, if you find these dreams funny, intriguing, or utterly mad, I don’t mind reading that in the comments. Also, if you too had weird futuristic technology dreams, share with me unless you have plans to appropriate them.

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  1. Ravi Shanker

    I think the Devil’s workshop employs many enterprising apprentices like you!!!

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      Yes, a devil indeed! ๐Ÿ˜€

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