From a Lab Trial to Tribulations: Teachings of the Coronavirus

I woke up to a beautiful video today that talks about “attitude.” The speaker cited the lion and the eagle as species that inspired the creator to approve “attitude” as a quality ingredient. I thought of the toy house sparrow that mother kept in the kitchen to scare away the real ones.

I looked inward outside the window and tried to figure the attitude of the virus that is dominating us now. The most despicable CORONAVIRUS evokes fear and uncertainty. It is claiming so many lives, orphaning so many… But on the serene, let’s account from the lab trial to tribulations, the teachings of the Coronavirus aka Wuhan 400!

I know that praising the virus from the comfort of the home when compared to the those who died for it is a shameful thing to do. My intent is not to praise the negative but to save a little warmth from this glowing ember of a disaster to alert us against the freezing bites of callousness. Tell me, aren’t we again the species with superior brain mechanism that is expected to learn from our mistakes?

So, while I despise the virus and condemn its agenda of population mitigation, I pity the sly industry of politicians and businessmen who jointly conceived it. I appreciate that we are all together in this calamity and now instead of passing the blame from us to organisms, let’s heed to possibilities of reformation and restoration.

Ducks are back in the Venice canals, and birds are chirping in Wuhan, Bengaluru reports empty streets. After years, I see a lot of house sparrows in my apartment complex and trees revelling in the fresh buds of mango!

From Lab Trial to Tribulations: Teachings of the Coronavirus

Trees revel in the fresh buds of mango away from the prying eyes of humans in Corona curfew

Not only the virus benefitted flora and fauna, but also amplified the voices of the changemakers and whistleblowers who warned us against the making of the virus. The coronavirus pandemic is a lesson in decentralizing power! A good exercise in housekeeping teaching us how to iron the creases that have rendered as ugly for ages.

Of course, there has been an army of viruses that preceded the novel coronavirus, but none had such a pronounced effect on human civilization. In essence, the coronavirus united us against the creators who purposed it to distract us from what concerns our wellbeing to trimming a portion of the ageing population that doesn’t cease to dissent!

To conclude, one of the valuable teachings of the Coronavirus is an attitude to impact. There is no one side of a subject or an object. What you’ll oppress will suppress you one day. We need perspective to sharpen the discourse of living and to get it done, we must welcome, allow everyone the right to their voice. Else, compare this to the Frankenstein moment? 

Pass the mic on!

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