The Responsibility of Cancel Culture

The Responsibility of Cancel Culture

📌Men and women across the spectrum are all equally responsible for it today.

👉As progressive humans, we must understand that patriarchy has two wheels, including both men and women.

👉Today, almost every man has developed a deep-seated fear, hate, anger, trauma, and trigger against women the way men triggered them in women for generations.

👉It hurts to see how a man and a woman can’t have a simple conversation, and everything has to be linked to potential interest in sex, subjugation, and power play.

👉The damage is near irreversible. NEAR. I say so because I believe the brain develops in association and not dissociation. The intrinsic brain, if nurtured in a positive environment, will have a more humanist infrastructure than that soaked in intolerance and hate.

👉Talking about patriarchy, women, can you think of how the previous generation of women treated other women such as daughters, daughters-in-law, maids, etc.

👉It starts with a woman hunting for a wife for her son to have a conjugal life to produce sons to give her the brags of grandmothering two tough boys of the neighborhood.

👉The chief woman of the house wouldn’t let the man enter the kitchen or discover the secret pockets of her Laksmi acts. When in crisis, the woman would give away her share of food.

👉The woman in an extreme situation would force her son to remarry if the wife cannot conceive, kill a girl child by stuffing husks, and set the woman on flame for fear of social condemnation.

📌Do you know how stones are made Gods?

👉In the same way, a man is made a perpetrator. He is given the God complex and then expected to act like a God; failing to do so leads to the Cancel Culture!

👉A man could not be soft or vulnerable or self-doubting. A mother would pamper her girl child but ask her son why she is crying like a girl?

👉Over and above everything, the man has got a libido that makes him think he is the only beast in the world to ravage anyone as he pleases.

👉Also, think of a poor man who has never enjoyed a 7-star buffet of most delectable meat. They will be overwhelmed by the flashing of cleavages and forget all table manners.

👉Do you see? How primal are we as humans to date?

👉We have to develop surgical precision to correct this behavior. Our cancel culture has to understand that both men and women have been a team to render patriarchy such invincibility.

👉Today, we all need manners; we need to free ourselves from the desire to dominate and destroy others, whether sexually, emotionally, or professionally.

It is the di*k versus c*nt. ❌

It is a person versus person. ❌

It is a POWER PLAY. ✅

👉 DON’T GENERALIZE to avoid being generalized!

🟦 And for Linkedin, whether it is a man or woman messaging a “Hi,” respond with a template to precisely communicate business within the chat to decide further. Don’t engage otherwise—no extra words.

👉Let’s cancel this Cancel Culture and make mental health a priority business for all!

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