Linkedin Post: “Suhani Shah Doesn’t Teach Magic”

Linkedin Post: "Suhani Shah Doesn't Teach Magic"

Suhani Shah is an Indian Mentalist, Youtuber, Artist, Magician and Therapist!

In a recent YouTube Shorts titled, “Suhani Shah Doesn’t Teach Magic,” she shared how she won’t train anyone to be a mentalist.

She explained that the art of mentalism or mind reading is great as long as it is rare.

She said that once everyone gets to it, it loses its enchantment, and therefore it doesn’t remain an art anymore.

Although Suhani argued her stance confidently, and there’s nothing wrong from an argument POV, it opened up a can of questions.

1.1. Suhani has a book titled, “Unleash Your Hidden Powers.” Why should people buy her book if not to learn her tricks and be a mentalist like her?

1.2. What does she talk about in the book that would help people “unleash” their hidden powers when she disapproves of the idea of teaching people mentalism?

1.3. If Suhani Shah doesn’t teach magic, what does she teach when she collaborates with brands like Unacademy 💡

2.1. The second is to do with the coaching practice at large. Suhani is not interested in teaching people her craft at reading minds to sustain the enchantment; is not that great insight into the coaching industry?

2.2. Think about it, why is the coaching industry bigger than the industry of learners? Do all coaches actually reveal the tricks of the trade?

2.3. Won’t they lose “enchantment?”

In fact, this is what happened; everyone is a writer and storyteller, and everyone is claiming to be an expert to “teach” you for an income but not help you earn. Too many questions?

Well, you like intelligent pursuits, don’t you? I leave these questions at your mercy to be answered so you can find where you stand amidst all of these. 

  • To understand whether or not you should coach.
  • If you are a learner, are you getting to learn or just becoming a captive buyer to yet another influencer?

Suhani Shah is lit, for sure.

She is lit because, at the core, she knows nothing but practice makes a person persevere and perform (since perfect doesn’t exist)

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