A Twitter Thread on Personal Branding without Value Proposition

A Twitter Thread on Personal Branding without Value Proposition

Personal Branding: It makes me pity minds that don’t understand how you can never develop a personal brand without a value proposition. Tell me how you can have a chair without legs or a bird without feathers. So, what is it? (0/7)

1. Building a PERSONAL BRAND is NOT limited to-

i. Consistent posting (4 times a day, week, or month)

ii. Command of the English Language

iii. Latching on to trends

iv. Storytelling

v. AIDA Copywriting

vi. Tagging people

vii. Selfies & Carousels

viii. Enjambment (1/7)

2. Personal Brand is about finding-

i. Who are you?

ii. How are you making an impact by being who you are?

iii. How can you help individuals, communities, and businesses make an impact? (2/7)

3. Questions to ask if you wish to build a Personal Brand-

Have you-

i. written a book?

ii. registered a patent?

iii. developed any technology?

iv. skilled in strategizing formulas?

v. experienced in implementation?

vi. mastered a game?

vii. built a legacy? (3/7)

4. Hiring a social media influencer won’t help. Signing a PR agency or a branding agency won’t help. Friends retweeting, sharing or paid ads won’t help. Absolutely nothing can help if you don’t have anything to offer in reality behind your tweets and Linkedin posts. (4/7)

5. Success on social media happens in conjunction with talent and exposure. Posting on social media with no inherent talent or value proposition won’t get one anywhere but a waste of time, resources, and capital. (5/7)

6. Before hiring a personal branding strategist on Linkedin or Twitter, know that their expertise in creating your content calendar, carousels or reels is business for them that will reap NO results unless you have talent or expertise to showcase! (6/7)

7. Takeaway: You don’t need a Personal Brand to be loved or seen on social media. Absolutely no use of your stilettos if you have to go for a trek! Still confused, DM me on Linkedin linkedin.com/in/lindaashok/ You can also follow me on Twitter! (7/7)

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