Dear Recruiter/Client!

Looking to hire a senior marketing communications professional who can manage your team, department, and business as per your organizational objectives and management calls? You have got me!

Hi! My name is Linda Ashok, and I have 16+ years of experience in full-stack digital marketing and communications with Fortune 100, 500s, and SMBs. As an independent tech journalist and the editor of, I’ve got the experience necessary to brand position your tech or service-based business from startup to enterprise.

You can trust my expertise in packaging your services and products that will be relevant to the world in 2022 and beyond! I have studied how VC markets work, the mushrooming of SaaS and microservices, the emergence of AI as automation to its sentience, and what makes brands tick or get flushed!

I believe that brands may come and brands may go, but I go on to build my legacy, which ensures that during this tough time globally, your business will make the safest bet by investing in me as a trustworthy and competent resource.

I am open to full-time opportunities in senior marketing and communications roles in India or abroad, and I am rooting for long-term opportunities with startups or enterprises with great people culture and growth for their associates.

Please review the below section for category-wise expertise.

  1. Social Media Content Development & Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  2. Strategize, Research, Develop, and Publish Industry-specific Content for Business Website
  3. Strategize, Research, Develop, and Publish Customer Success Stories or Case Studies underpinning your Technology or Service Efficiency.
  4. Write Monthly Press Releases & Take Charge of Press Distribution & Embargoed Communication.
  5. Edit & Design Marketing Collaterals, Voiceovers, Speech, Brochures, Cards, Corporate Greetings
  6. Standardize Product Labeling and Email Marketing Communication
  1. Perform Search Engine Optimization for Website Pages & Blog for Increased Site Visibility, Traffic, Backlinks, and Potential Lead Generation
  2. Perform Paid Search Engine Optimization for Website Pages & Blog for Increased Site Visibility, Traffic, Backlinks, and Potential Lead Generation
  3. Create Report on Site Analytics & Growth
  4. Track Competitor Analytics & Growth
  5. Review Product Content with SMEs
  1. Review & Edit C-Suite Business Decks
  2. Advise Stakeholders on Brand Marketing Opportunities, Relationship Marketing, Market Intelligence through Sentiment Analysis 
  3. Review Legal Content with Legal Experts for GDPR Compliance and other EU Regulations
  4. Consult & Influence Employees for your Brand Advocacy
  5. Participate in Brand Events for Greater Market Penetration
  1. Work with Designer for B2B Playbooks
  2. Work with Designer for B2C Playbooks
  3. Co-Design & Maintain Site with In-House Web Developer
  4. Work with In-House Video Editor for Technical & Creative Story-Boarding and Production
  5. Work with Outsourced Agencies
  6. Be a PR Spokesperson
  7. Be a Veritable Resource for Crisis Communication

Continue to explore for more details. You can also →email me for my full resume.