Hello, I am Linda Ashok, and I consider myself a Digital Architect with 15 years of experience in full-stack digital marketing with Fortune 100, 500s, and SMBs. Currently, I operate as an independent digital marketing evangelist and edit

From content to copywriting to managing search traffic, I code social media intelligence to build my legacy of impact and help businesses accelerate return on investment to their investors and internal & external stakeholders.

Whether you are a startup looking for a single point-of-contact for digital excellence or an enterprise with an emerging in-house digital team looking for a Jill of a single trade, you have found me.

I look at work beyond designation. A small budget technology startup is likely to win me if they are invested in social impact over a multi-billion dollar enterprise that would consider social impact just a branding need.

Hiring me fulfills ANY digital marketing requirement in collaboration with your product and sales team. It also gets you a brand advocate to ensure your business complies with every marketing regulation to emerge as a people-centric, progressive, and profitable entity.

I am also a Journalist, Writer, & Indian English Poet. I have two books to credit, substantial media coverage, and other achievements that will make you proud of having me as your most trusted and knowledgeable business resource.

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  1. Social Media Content Development & Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  2. Strategize, Research, Develop, and Publish Industry-specific Content for Business Website
  3. Strategize, Research, Develop, and Publish Customer Success Stories or Case Studies underpinning your Technology or Service Efficiency.
  4. Write Monthly Press Releases & Take Charge of Press Distribution & Embargoed Communication.
  5. Edit & Design Marketing Collaterals, Voiceovers, Speech, Brochures, Cards, Corporate Greetings
  6. Standardize Product Labeling and Email Marketing Communication
  1. Perform Search Engine Optimization for Website Pages & Blog for Increased Site Visibility, Traffic, Backlinks, and Potential Lead Generation
  2. Perform Paid Search Engine Optimization for Website Pages & Blog for Increased Site Visibility, Traffic, Backlinks, and Potential Lead Generation
  3. Create Report on Site Analytics & Growth
  4. Track Competitor Analytics & Growth
  5. Review Product Content with SMEs
  1. Review & Edit C-Suite Business Decks
  2. Advise Stakeholders on Brand Marketing Opportunities, Relationship Marketing, Market Intelligence through Sentiment Analysis 
  3. Review Legal Content with Legal Experts for GDPR Compliance and other EU Regulations
  4. Consult & Influence Employees for your Brand Advocacy
  5. Participate in Brand Events for Greater Market Penetration
  1. Work with Designer for B2B Playbooks
  2. Work with Designer for B2C Playbooks
  3. Co-Design & Maintain Site with In-House Web Developer
  4. Work with In-House Video Editor for Technical & Creative Story-Boarding and Production
  5. Work with Outsourced Agencies

Job Title: Independent Digital Consultant

Month & Year: December 2019-

I have worked with three clients on six projects. I have set up the digital presence for my 1st US-based tech client. Word-of-work fetched me my 2nd US-based tech client operating in stealth mode. Word-of-work also led to a long-term digital advisor relationship with a US-based media company helping youth with autism find employment.

Job Title: Communications (Internal/External)

Company Names

  1. BNKe Solutions, Kolkata;
  2. IBM Daksh, Kolkata;
  3. Bank of America, Hyderabad;
  4. GenY Medium, Hyderabad;
  5. ADP, Hyderabad;
  6. Deloitte, Hyderabad;
  7. ArthaYantra, Hyderabad;
  8. Avani-Ceipal, Hyderabad;
  9. Zycus, Mumbai.

Month & Year: November 2006- December 2019

I have worked across industries. Summarily, I have worked in Retail, BFSI, Digital Agency, Big 4 Consulting, Tax & Advisory Communications, HR-Payroll Management & Software Marketing, and Supply Chain. I have been a top-level performer in all these organizations, whether in a team or an independent target-bound role. I am grateful to have worked with some incredible colleagues and seniors who inspire me with their work.



I believe that there is no autonomy in getting work done; there could be a single person working on a project, but the project itself and its success are the coming together of several brains.

Having explained how it works for me, as an independent consultant, I only had autonomy over deciding who to work with based on what impact the business is making. I had the autonomy to decline a project even at the cost of financial gains because of ethical reasons.

Also, between 2006 till 2019, I worked with big groups, managed teams, and represented my business verticals to multiple CEOs for their approval. I love diversity and deadlines. I love the hustle in winning buy-ins from large groups of knowledgable and experienced people irrespective of age or gender. 

I would love to work with a startup with an enterprise mindset or an enterprise with the persistence of a startup.

In the business market, whether it is a startup or an enterprise, it is subjected to the same regulatory compliances with a very little exception in terms of tax lenience, maybe?

Also, who are these people building startups but ex-F (now Meta) AANG executives or highly enterprising individuals? And, who are these successful enterprise executives but self-starters and independent visionary to lead huge teams?

Yes, I am considering opportunities abroad, and it is a conscious decision to extend the impact of my work.

I have been a resident abroad on a three-month fellowship by the British Council and have experience work and culture in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

My experience of working with technology clients from the US, Canada, Germany, and London as a corporate professional has prepared me for global work culture.

Yes, other than English, I am lernen Deutch. I love languages and believe that if it is food that helps you reach the heart of your beloved, it is the language that helps you reach the heart of a country and its people. 

Yes, as an Indian, I would need a work visa to be able to relocate. I would need sponsorship for a successful relocation.