Top 10 Reasons Why Should Poets have a Website

Here are my top 10 reasons why poets should have a website.

Why should poets have a website? Glad that you asked this question. If you are a poet, I know selling the idea of branding to a poet is equivalent to selling snow to the Eskimo. But, I am a poet, journalist, and media tech entrepreneur. I can give you the trust, so you realize why poets need websites!

I request the next few minutes from your precious schedule to show you how having an online presence is necessary for poets. Ideally, as a poet, I am not expected to be interested in the branding of other poets. Honestly, if you know a little about me, you’ll know that I believe in growing with the community. There’s no fun growing alone.

Top 10 Reasons Why Poets should have a Website


Poets are perennially fraught with self-doubt. If Shakespeare doubted his talent, he wouldn’t have scouted for opportunities in which he was even ready to stage his plays for the laymen. I am not asking you to be Shakespeare. I am asking you to shake the pears of the digital orchard. Let the world know that you exist that you are an equal option.


Don’t tell me that as a poet, you are an introvert. You know very well that if there is an opportunity to express yourself, you would love it as much as anybody else. That’s one reason behind being on social media and sharing your works. If you are on rent on the Internet, why not own a digital premise?


As a poet, you shouldn’t be at the mercy of someone providing you space to shelter your art. Poetry has happened to you, and there is a reason behind it. So, it would help if you took this opportunity to shelter your creative spell on your digital platform for all reasons. You owe it to poetry, a country of its own.


Claiming an online space is a digital nativity. You must secure a space on the world wide web not only, well, if you call it self-actualization, but as a contributor to the world literary community. There is a reason why poets like Paul MuldoonAnnie Finch, and Ilya Kaminsky have their websites.


Poets write because they must write. It is the only sweat of their intellectual existence. Having a website places your poetry on the map that will bring home thoughts and debates that would enrich your creative practice. Because, while we continue to exist, we must recognize the parallel existence of the digital world


Intellectual theft is on the rise. There is no way this can be stalled without poets participating in protecting their works. Every time you share a poem online, you are risking it to the vultures of poetry plagiarists. Having a person’s poetry website states the belonging and serves as a necessary disclaimer.


Many among you who are digital smart may think that a blog post can always be backdated. True. It can be. But the hour of creation cannot be backdated. As a matter of fact, as a digital marketing professional, I can tell apart a new creation from an old one by tracing the analytics time-stamp.


In constructing a commonwealth narrative, the commonwealth countries act together to express their creativity, thus forming the commonwealth conscience of art. You must realize that as a poet, you should always participate and encourage other poets to partake in the process of creating a regional identity.


If poets deserve the honor like any other professionals, branding is where we should begin. In every professional sphere, a website is a modern resume. Why should we, as poets, deny this privilege to our poetry? What is your aesthetic DNA? What’s your motivation in the space? Your poetic erudition should be an open invitation.


I can seriously go on and on in pitching more reasons why poets should have a website, but I believe it is the hour when the motivation should be an internal stimulus and not by any atmospheric pressure. You can be anywhere globally, but your digital presence is an announcement of being a part of the race.


Not all website builders in the market today understand the requirements of a poet or writer. It would help if you went for those website developers who are poets too. It doesn’t matter the level of the website developer as a poet; what is important is the person’s understanding of your branding as a poet.

You can also ask me for as low as $500 for entire website development on the popular SEO WordPress SEO CMS. End of the day, I ask you to get your website on the global medium and build a robust network of poets across the globe.

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