Learn How GIF Marketing Yields Stellar Returns in B2B Digital Marketing!

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The bitmap image, Graphics Interchange Format or GIF share the same star sign, is another of saying that we were born the same year. The difference is in our decibel. Anyway, today, we are discussing GIF Marketing—the most underrated digital marketing strategy with overwhelming results! I say it from my experience with large B2B organizations that are high brow about using GIFs in their business communication. They don’t see how some dumb and funny stickers can mean business.

Fair to say that if GOOGLE acquired TENOR (a GIF marketing search engine) for an undisclosed amount, there’s a lot of farsightedness. If you are the one with the attitude of a game-changer, get onboard with GIF marketing for your business You don’t have to be uptight with terse facial muscles to speed up your revenue, dear. In fact, you earn it in style when you incorporate a flair for graphical content.

7 Compelling Insights about GIFs & GIF Marketing in Digital Branding Strategy


  1. If the entire digital marketing is a human body, GIFs are the digestive supplements to help visitors and users process a great load of information at speed.
  2. Whether it is in words, graphs or static visuals, GIFs are the seventh dwarf or the magic spirit that instead of appearing independently, inhabits content marketing in totality and enhances its infotainment value.
  3. What if a user bounces off from consuming the content (sales pitch) on a website’s product page? Well, such is likely to happen when your GIFs and content are not addressing the same objective.
  4. Take a moment and analyse how people in the business as your potential buyers are always busy. To position your product and service in their system, you need a gag, and that’s where a GIF is the tool you need.
  5. Do you love tea? Consider Oolong that has fluoride useful in dental health, which can be harmful in excess. It is the same thing with the application of GIFs. Successful GIF marketing is an effort.
  6. Anything static is not a performance. So, in digital marketing, static communication is past; video marketing is in control of animating content to performance. GIFs do just that; sets communication to perform sales!
  7. GIFs are a healthy compost to make a base for good web-traffic. GIFs do that thankless job of casting a broader invitation from which the site content then focuses on the target audience. Quite a mechanism, isn’t it?
Welcome to Microsoft Teams
make action GIFs like this at MakeaGif

GIF by MICROSOFT in product marketing

What is Blockchain ? - Explained (BEST ANIMATION)
make action GIFs like this at MakeaGif

GIF by IBM explaining Blockchain

10 Reasons for B2B Businesses to Consider GIF Marketing in Digital Branding Strategy

Take a moment and analyse how people in the business as your potential buyers are always busy. To position your product and service in their system, you need a gag, and that’s where the GIF is useful; does it effortlessly. Here’s how you can use GIFs in B2B communication

  1. Clip a section of your product/service marketing videos that serves as an entry point to your pitch and incorporate them on your product pages
  2. Repeat the same to create engagement on your blogs, infographics, annual reports, & thought leadership content
  3. Create a GIF avatars to personate your blog contributors and leadership
  4. Incorporate GIFs in prospect email marketing to accelerate click-through-rate or CTR
  5. Use GIFs in in-house email communication for better employee engagement
  6. Use GIFs in social media marketing to engage a wider audience. Even if you don’t fish enough CTR, your volume of impressions will sky-rocket, resulting in broader brand awareness
  7. Customise GIFs for instant reaction to customers recommending your product/services on social media platforms
  8. In customer-marketing and post-sales service, you can use GIFs to interact with your client/s and bridge that terse gap 
  9. Tune your GIFs to the mood of your target recipient sorted by age. Use GIFs as a reminder tool with the age group that may seem impassive to excited communication. Use GIFs as fun tools to engage a younger crowd
  10. Eventually, acknowledge that GIFs are cost-effective; they sit perfectly on any budget, and thus you can save substantially on various content marketing ornaments. 



Listen, by now you know how you have lost your reservation against GIFs already. But I am not satisfied with that shift in belief unless you really make a move in that direction. I give you one last straw to scaffold your confidence; check GE’s Emoji Science by VaynerMedia that won the Shorty Awards for incredible use of GIFs in the space of Industrial Internet, the Energy Mix, neuroscience & healthcare, lighting, and materials science. 

Listen, I want you to lose to outdated marketing perception and move on with a better life in next-generation digital marketing. What’s in it for me? I want GIF marketing to be a new discipline seriously committed to game up digital marketing presence. I want these many young GIF creators to find meaningful employment to help B2B businesses transition to a B2H or Business to Human venture. Deal?  Let me know if you can use my help! Chao.

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