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Creating a YouTube channel is as simple as logging in on YouTube with your Gmail & select the “Create Channel” from the drop-down menu. If you have already come this far, you know it. But, in this article, you’ll know how to make an impressionable first YouTube video. One month into YouTubing and on achieving my first YouTube milestone, I speak from experience.

Perquisites for a YouTube Video Creation

Technical Aspect

  1. Camera
  2. Set-Up
  3. Editing

Non-Technical Aspect

  1. Intro/Outro
  2. Content/SEO
  3. Marketing

The Technical Aspect of How to Make a YouTube Video


You can shoot with an Android Phone, your favourite Apple or go professional with a DSLR. While your iPhone may have the best camera, if you have an Android starting 5 MP front/selfie camera to 16 MP rearview, it will work just as beautiful as any DSLR.


You can shoot indoors or outdoors. Indoors, you can either use your room turned into a mini-studio or in its natural surroundings. Ensure there is no noise and ample light to play with. You have a thing for aesthetics, go for it.


Once you complete filming your video, it is time to edit the video; work on light and sound, remove any glitches during shooting or delivering the speech. Pro YouTubers put in a lot of effort in the editorial process. For a beginner, it starts with the frame in 16:9 ratio.

Non-Technical Aspect of How to Make a YouTube Video


The first 5-6 seconds is for the customary channel introduction. The last 3-4 seconds is for the customary channel call-to-action. The Intro or Outro can be stationary or animated as fit for budget or motivation. The better the packaging, the higher the retention of the channel.


Between the Intro and the Outro is the video you have shot. It is the main meat. The content must serve a purpose; it should engage through any/few/all of the following-

  • Informative
  • Funny, or
  • Entertaining

You must check what is trending on Google, YouTube, & on popular social media channels, and either build your content to answer that or tune your stuff to serve that purpose.


You have created a great video. You know it. Your folks know it. But how to let the world know about it? That’s when you have to think of marketing your content and leverage every social tool for organic growth. You need SUBSCRIBERS (remember the first 100 subscribers help you earn a custom channel link easy for anyone to find you. On the way, you earn many more as you cross YouTube’s set of milestones.

6 Frequently Asked Questions on YouTubing

Channel Name

The reason I have included this in the good to know section instead of adding it to the previous section is because a channel name is just a name and it can be your name or an idea or whatever you resonate with. It is good to know that whatever you choose to name your channel, keep it broad so that you have a room for expanding your scope of content in the future.

Camera Presence

You must be the centre of the universe. You have to claim the camera space to grab all the attention of the viewer

Look, I don’t have to worry about it because I am already occupying so much of space.

Video Publishing Frequency

You must post, if bi-weekly, two 7-min videos. If weekly, one 15-min video. This is basic when you start. As you move along and get comfortable with both content and camera presence, you can increase the length of your videos


According to the YouTube Partner Program, you need 1,000 or more subscribers for channel monetization. You also need 4,000 watch hours within the first 12 months of the channel creation. You can fulfil these with quality content, growing subscriber base, and maximum watch time generated from each video.

The YouTube Life

YouTube Life is a 21st-century lifestyle. It is fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding. The world is yet to match the rewards of being a full-time YouTuber. So, the sooner you start, the better it is. It is like accruing a better interest through the exponential growth of your investment when you start young. If you start at 20 and can give it at least five years, you are a star, something that a traditional job won’t promise you for I know many people who slog for ages to get one promotion.

Basic YouTube Starter Kit

Here’s a starter kit that I have started with. You too can get the same types of equipment if in a year or two you take off well. Thing is it is not about money but a wise investment that every young adult should be mindful of.

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