Introducing Digital Marketing for Senior Citizens to Earn as a Freelancer

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Businesses are ever busy understanding, planning, and executing digital marketing strategies to push sales to all and sundry, notwithstanding the senior citizens. So far, I don’t see businesses that target the young to invest in learning digital marketing, have taken a similar interest to encourage and educate senior citizens on the benefits of digital marketing. Does this reflect our negligence toward the older generation? Are they here to consume our products and services without knowing how to pitch theirs? 

Look, we are in the lap of a fantastic opportunity at this moment, and that’s the stay-at-home order to contain COVID-19 in most countries. A senior citizen stuck at home can get started with digital marketing to promote their services online. I am sure that there are many experienced professionals from varied career channels who would love to be of use to the curious young learners, equally stuck at home, while earning a handsome compensation. 

If you’re a senior citizen or if you know someone who has good freelancing skills, knowledge of the Internet and its usefulness, I would recommend further attention to what I am going to discuss in this article.

Honestly, I feel this is also an excellent way for an older person not to feel left out, unattended, or unloved by the family or grandchildren. Also, isn’t it true that we are loved as long as we are useful? A child loves a toy because it is cute. Here, I miss my grandfather; I wish he were with me to try digital marketing for his expert storytelling skills.

How to Explain Digital Marketing to a Senior Citizen?

Digital Marketing, as wide as it can get when we get down at it, is online or Internet marketing to promote and sell products and services. 

Earlier when the Internet did not exist, or digital marketing did not become a full practice, the senior today then young would call up people or visit door-to-door to make a sale. Today, Digital Marketing eliminates all that helping creators focus on the work and market in a way that buyers can find stuff they want, and sellers can demand the due cost.

Where does a Senior Citizen begin with Digital Marketing? 

A senior citizen can get started with digital marketing right from the comfort of their home. They don’t have to go anywhere and given that it’s the lockdown period for the COVID-19 crisis, it makes all the sense that a senior citizen starts right now making the most of this stay-at-home period. It is important to note that getting started with digital marketing today helps not only the senior citizens but anyone who thinks that they are not digital savvy to market their skills and services for making an independent, respectful, and rewarding living. 

How much Capital is required to Freelance as a Digital Marketer?

     Digital Marketing for Personal Promotion of Products and Services

If a senior citizen wants to market their products and services, there is a cost involved in i) learning the method and ii) in using the digital media marketing platforms for their algorithm to spread the word. Digital marketing investment in this regard is recoverable on successful sales.

     Digital Marketing for Promoting Products and Services by Others

If a senior citizen wants to market products and services for someone else, then there are costs involved in i) paying for tools and ii) the digital media marketing platforms where the campaigns will run promotions. In this situation, the provider earns a handsome incumbent.

What Digital Marketing Platforms a Senior Citizen should Start with?

Today, Facebook has integrated with Whatsapp & Instagram and fortified its presence as a robust one-stop-solution for digital marketingThe platform now supports custom fonts, interactive content, rules-based community building, video marketing, advertising, marketing analytics, tutorials, and more. For a senior citizen using Facebook as a social media platform to stay in touch with friends and families is now ever-more rewarding if they want to harness it for marketing their products and services. 

While Facebook has advanced tremendously with its video functionality, it is not a video marketing platform the way YouTube is from the beginning now with more incredible new features. On YouTube, a senior citizen can start living their everyday life through small videos uploaded to the platform. They can talk about their rich experiences of life, their success and failures that helped them build the product or offer the service in a more personal and trustworthy manner.  

What Kind of Freelance Digital Marketing Services can a Senior Citizen Provide? 

Look, there’s no such compartment. 60+ senior citizens or baby boomers can choose digital marketing to either expand their businesses just like the millennials. They can deliver the following services-

  • virtual assistant
  • customer support
  • technical support
  • writer/translator 
  • business advisor
  • accountant 
  • tutor/coach
  • social media marketer
  • web developer & designer

The list is endless if one reflects on what they have been successful in their career experiences and skills. 

Where can Senior Citizens Find Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs?

I recommend that a senior citizen finds support starting their immediate circle of friends, family members, ex-colleagues and business partners, etc. Basically, I suggest getting in touch with the people with whom they have had great work experience. From here, one can use their social media platforms to seek work and then graduate to freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. 

Do you Recommend Upwork or Fiverr? 

Upwork is a leading brand in the gig economy. So far, I am only confident about its security aspect, but whether or not you make money, UpWork continues to make money off you in the name of a monthly subscription fee. Upwork’s primary focus is more on buyers than the wellbeing of freelancers. Also, in the name of security for quality transitions, it retains a very high commission.

Although I didn’t hit gold on Fiverr and website reviewers and users critically challenge its standards, I recommend Fiverr for its comparative ease-of-use. They also don’t charge any subscription fee and keep a reasonable cut as and when you receive work. For me, I am sticking to Fiverr as it is young and continues to improve. 

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