In Solidarity: Download Best Indian Poetry 2018 against COVID-19

Poets and poetry lovers, would you like a big fat poetry treat to hold you up during this COVID-19 pandemic? You can be anywhere in the world to join this feast of poetry by forty-six Indian English poets.

Yes, I am talking about the Best Indian Poetry 2018 that is determined to take COVID-19 by the horns just to nurse you with poetry that you will love.

In a review in KITAAB by poet, teacher, & literary critic, DEVIKA BASU says, “Best Indian Poetry 2018 is undoubtedly one of the rare collections where poetry becomes an expression of life, cutting across any fixed socio-linguistic paradigm and stimulating readers to look upon poetry as the most effective medium to unite, to bring together strings of life like a connoisseur, leaving them to appreciate the work of art built in poetic tapestry.

In POETRY DIALOGUE, poet Akriti Kuntal says, “One of the remarkable things about the anthology is how it encompasses the numerous aspects of everyday Indian life. Events that we know we have seen or heard of. We have the salaryman stuck in a clockwork, contemplation in flood-stricken Bombay, Calcutta trains and Patel Nagar’s ‘puffed-up bhaturas’. We swim in lovers’ ebbing praises; we spot the ‘lotophagi’- men with heads between legs, we smell paddy fields, pumpkin flowers, and childhood stories, we are reminded of the Gau Rakshaks. …But no poetry book is perhaps complete without something that stretches the skin and pulls the spirit into a netting of conundrums and emotions, that which stirs the very centre of our being.”

Long story short, as the editor of Best Indian Poetry and the publisher of RLFPA EDITIONS, I have decided to release the Best Indian Poetry 2018 debut edition as I look forward to work on the Best Indian Poetry 2020 edition.

So, go right ahead using this link and download Best Indian Poetry 2018 for a price you would love to pay. If you appreciate this idea, please PAY AS YOU LIKE to DOWNLOAD eBook of Best Indian Poetry 2018 from INSTAMOJO and PAYPAL. Your support will not only nurture a network of eclectic Indian English poets from around the world but also help me edit the next edition and afford the shipping cost to the contributors. #Covid19CrisisInitiative


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