You Have 8 Creative Ways to Say Thank You Meaningfully

Ways to Say Thank You Meaningfully

It happens with people many a time that to express gratitude and appreciation, they end up unsettled. You sincerely mean to appreciate someone, but you cannot because you run short of words. You are at the end of your wit to figure out how to express gratitude and appreciation at the level you received the kindness.

It has been a case with me so many times. Especially with people I didn’t expect any help from or hesitated to approach for any support because of their tall personalities. Now I know that there are ways to say Thank You meaningfully! Appreciation, my dear friends, is a magic wand. And sensitive people can read through.

A Special Note of Gratitude

You know that appreciation is a potent tool known for its reformative impact on the recipient. A person who appreciates also experiences a higher level of mental equanimity. For example, if a person helped you with money in a crisis, besides, of course, returning the money on time, you can create an opportunity for appreciation. It can be as simple as, “You know, the last time I had chocolate, it was a gift from you. I can afford many chocolates now, but none would taste as kind as the last one. Thank you!”

Expressing Gratitude in a Public Disclosure

If someone has a profound impact on you by giving you the support you desperately need one time, making a public disclosure about their act of kindness will be a bonfire to warm up so many souls. I do this to encourage more positivity while impressing people that appreciating a person out of a closed interaction helps both in so many ways. It reflects the grit of the person you praise and that you can appreciate without any vested interest.

Make Gratitude a Workplace Celebration

There are plenty of food aggregator companies nowadays. Use one such facility to order a muffin (or something you know the person loves) and have it delivered to their office. Keep it inexpensive and have it delivered to their office workstation. Inexpensive would suggest a certain immediacy that isn’t pre-meditated as a flow chart to a past condition. Immediacy would indicate that you are always grateful to the person, and this act should be forgiven if the person is an introvert nonetheless celebrating positivity.

Express Gratitude through LinkedIn Recommendation

There are scores of brilliant people who do not have sufficient testimonies to strengthen their LinkedIn positioning. They can use your recommendation on LinkedIn to enhance their portfolio. It is not essential that the person has to be a co-worker. You can be in the same industry but practicing in different locations. It can also be a professional characteristic of the person that you can highlight. If you want to do it for your senior, you should. If you’re going to do it for your junior or peers, you should. We all need to have each other’s backs.

Express Gratitude through Opportunity Recommendation

The word is “opportunity” because it is not available to everyone. So, if you come across an opportunity, please recommend the person if you are sure about the person’s interest. If you are grateful to someone, you might spend a little time discovering their interests. And without shooting those flashy thank you-s, you might as well mean that in action. It all depends on how much of a giver you are and your reasonability. Now, you know the simple ways to say Thank You, meaningfully.

Book an Airbnb Experience to Express Gratitude and Appreciation

Do you know if a colleague of yours is going to their hometown? Or, your past recommender for a university program is on their way for a vacation? Gift them an Airbnb experience. It is not to pay for their hotel stay (you may if you wish). I suggest gifting a local experience that’ll make the entire trip/travel a memorable one. For example, it could be an hour’s class in exotic Indian spices or a workshop on flower arrangements. If the person is an anthropologist, you can suggest experience with the local tribe of a place on the verge of extinction. Such appreciation comes with holistic values.

Gift a Hobby Kit to Appreciate

Supporting someone to engage in a hobby is rare because we all are always running against time, and there is not a moment of leisure. Also, with age and responsibilities, hobbies fad away. But do you know that a hobby is a reinstatement of one’s happy days and celebration of their natural talent, which has died in the race? It could be a candle-making set, or LEGOs, anything that excites the person’s creative instincts. This way of making room in a person’s life for their well-being is sweeter than a bar of Cadbury.

Gift a Book of Gratitude

Wait for the person’s birthday. Use this time to gather as much positive information about this person available online or facts sourced through their friends and families. Make an (if possible, a visual) scrapbook—it can be a digital presentation or a physical endeavor, depending on how you are connected. Either way, imagine a person flipping through a book that highlights their kindness cultivated in their daily lives at the end of the day. This positive reinforcement casts a net on validation that every person is always seeking, albeit unconsciously. Trust me that this would be one of the best ways to say Thank You, meaningfully!

I hope you have enjoyed these suggestions and agree with me that an act of gratitude is more significant than a regular “Thank you.” Also, look at it, when you put any special effort to appreciate another person, it reflects your magnanimous persona. Believe me; people can have money, but only a few can match the level of gratitude achieved by Jim and Della in O’Henry’s Gift of Magii Or something closer to the heart, the poet Shelly Bhoil, who is always available as a blood donor in gratitude of receiving a second chance at life through her uncle.

If you have tried any one of the above suggestions or plan to, or already tried, share in comments. If you try the suggested ways to say thank you, you have conveyed the gratitude meaningfully. I wish you happiness and your well-wisher, an extra scoop of joy. Thank you for reading. I am grateful to have you here.

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