How to be Happy without Chasing Happiness?

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Happiness is that temporary sugar with which you press the wound on your cheek to thicken the blood. You know the bleeding may stop, but the cheek is still there to be wounded again. The new Happiness industry is growing at an alarming rate, and I fear the day when people will lose complete faith in it owing to such industrial misappropriation.

A Bot Answers What is Happiness

When I check Google, I see people buying into affirmations, as listed below. I am both appalled by the arrogance of concluding what happiness is and saddened that happiness has come to be the opioid. The below list is an aggregation of what the Internet scholars are waiting to feed your soul trying to understand what is happiness?”

20 Variations of What is Happiness

  1. happiness is a butterfly,
  2. happiness is a warm gun,
  3. happiness is a choice,
  4. happiness is a state of mind,
  5. happiness is a butterfly chord,
  6. happiness is a warm gun lyrics,
  7. happiness quotes,
  8. happiness is an inside job,
  9. happiness is homemade,
  10. happiness is only real when shared,
  11. happiness is a warm spaceship,
  12. happiness is a cigar called hamlet,
  13. happiness is a warm gun chord,
  14. happiness is a journey, not a destination,
  15. happiness is a warm gun, meaning,
  16. happiness is here,
  17. happiness is a warm puppy,
  18. happiness is mandatory,
  19. happiness is not a destination,
  20. happiness is easy lyrics,

Pick your Choice

Above you see SEARCH results of what happiness and how to be happy?” Which one is your affirmation? I understand that you are now confused about what I am trying to say. You want to rush to the moot point. And this is where I want you to reflect—the rush. Instead of rushing, we slow down. When we speed up, we come to a standstill. And this is the accident-prone crossroad where misunderstandings often injure our sense of being.

Explaining Happiness

No, I am not going to answer but explain how to understand what happiness is. I may be a certified Happiness Coach from transformation Academy, but it was just a quest to learn more about the mechanism. What I eventually learned from my own experience is the fact that happiness is NOT 24-carat gold. It could be an alloy, but I am unsure of the constituents because our properties are different.

Time is a Unique Footprint

When struggles are unique, the journey is unique, and the experience of sorrow and happiness and other human emotions are unique; how can we bring all of that to a commonplace in our pursuit to understand how to be happy? It would be silly to blame sorrow for tears and credit “happiness” for a smile. You know that there are psychic tears that make you cry only to feel better.

Time to Reflect

Instead of telling you how to be happy, I want you to reflect. You could be someone battling a terminal illness or maybe a caregiver to one in their last leg. You could be someone in an extreme monetary crisis or emotional. You may have a huge debt that has chased you to depression. But, believe me for once when I say you are still hustling. Your body has already declared your win against the impediment, whether in life or death.

Don’t Connect the Dots

At this point, won’t it be fair to let go of all the dots and not connect them with the cause-and-effect relationship? Because you see, that’s where the problem is. Our rationale is the one that is responsible for judging a situation to be one that is fulfilling or draining. So, if we do not draw binaries, if we do not put our experiences in brackets from worse to bad to good and the best, but live all of it as an experience itself, then you do not need to understand what happiness is.

Take Care of your Mental Health

Let happiness be whatever it is, but take each moment as it comes. To make peace with a given situation, no matter how frightening it is, is the only solution to avoid being braised by expectations that our heterogenous happiness can never unite in homogeneity. Dear reader, the point that I have been trying to drive so far is to take care of your mental health and let happiness be the adolescent away from their parents enjoying full-circle life.

You Don’t Need a Happiness Coach.

A happiness coach cannot tell you how to be happy, yet they charge you fees for their service. But I pray you don’t have to pay to be happy. You don’t need a Happiness Coach. You might need a mentor or a counselor, but you don’t need a Happiness Coach. Trust me that even those happiness coaches are not content preaching happiness because they, too, must cope with real-life battles, which is an inevitable truth about being human.

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