Sad? Listen, Cheer up! I Have Got 7 Reasons for you to be Happy!

Reasons to be Happy

I do not know those 1000 reasons that make you feel bad, but I have found seven reasons for you to be happy and feel motivated!

What a Bee can Do with a Drop

An ounce of honey can fuel a bee to go around the world.

The bee is one of the most inspiring little insects that have the guts to teach humans so many beautiful things. Humans indeed need money to go around the world, but think about it—what a bee can do with a drop if it demands barrels or more. Jokes apart, can we accept that encouragement is as powerful fuel to humans as honey is to bees?

Reasons to be Happy

You can go around the day buzzing with joy and zeal if you start your day with an ounce of encouragement. Now, you would say that it is too much to expect encouragement from everyone. True. But have you potted some encouragement in your balcony garden? You have to be observant of the seeds around you so that you can pick the right ones and sow them in your soil.

The Real is Far Away from Reality

The poinsettia flowers are leaves nestling the real flowers, small and unassuming.

Does this truth ring a bell in your experience of life? It is not hard to relate, you see. Human existence needs so much fabrication to stand out as one of the most advanced species that reality is always withdrawn from reality. We have wars and conflicts as our truths aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Okay, let’s get to the point. Has it ever happened with you that you felt ignored despite serving a critical role? People gave the credit of your effort to someone else while your humility pegged you to oblivion? See, that won’t last long, my friend, as the truth of the poinsettia flowers got revealed despite not having a voice like yours.

A Wildfire that doesn’t Kill

My Google assistant says that a single fireweed plant can generate up to 80,000 seeds!!

Such is the beauty of the wilderness of the fireweed that doesn’t kill but delight every living species. This is one of the reasons to make one concerned about nature much happy. How wonderful would it be if the Amazon RainForest Fire or the Australian Bush Fire could magically convert to a wildfire of fireweed? Sigh.

single fireweed plant

From this natural arrangement, we can infer that a person is much an institution as much as the fireweed is. A single person is capable of setting a wildfire of change. So, if you feel singled out in your battle, know that the pattern already exists, and where it is a pattern, there’s an eventual immunity.

An Acre of Crayons

Wikipedia says that an acre of soybeans produces over 82,368 crayons for children.

So the next time you are crestfallen and unsure how to go about a situation with your children, hold your heart and think of that acre of soybeans. A field of soybeans is a field of soybeans, and we don’t expect it to trigger happiness. But, in reality, it does.

acre of soybeans

Likewise, you are an acre of experiences, and your experiences can become the crayons for your children to draw the future they want to belong to. So, at any point, you feel like an imposter, hold your breath, pat your back, and say that if soybeans can be generous, so can you be. There you start with yourself.

Eating Tomorrowland

You can eat every plant of Tomorrowland.

Do you know about Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, where every plant is edible? It is quite a strange claim because one has to eat all those plants actually to determine their edibility. But does it sound pleasant enough to place our belief? Of course, it works for me.

Reasons to be Happy

That’s what we should strive for as human beings. Be free of ego and be completely bio-degradable so that the earth can consume us, when due, without any reflux. If we are plants and rooted as useful to our families and communities, we are an ‘edible’ existence. Thinking of environmental crisis, this is one of the reasons to be happy and confident of the future.

The Orange wasn’t Orange before it was an Orange.

The shade of “orange” was first born as the fruit orange and then the colour “orange.”

Fascinating, isn’t it? This trivia woke me up and got me to think about the word “orange.” Ideally, it should have been the color orange first and then the fruit the way it is the “egg” first and then the “chicken.” The “genes” precede “the form.” But, nature has her wild exceptions. In this case, the “form” is also integral to the evolution of “genes.”

The fruit that you are defines a shade of desired human values. No, this is not a botox of inspiration to pat your ego, but from grit and experience, I say that you are the captain in command of your ship. Continue to be who you are to desire how you want to be known and be happy. On my end, I am hoping that these reasons to be happy are going to last you some time!


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