The Significance of Guest Blogging in Digital 4.0 in 2020

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What is Guest Blogging? 

Guest Blogging is an act of writing blogs for another company’s website. It is similar to blogging, but the work done is for another company rather than your own. Guest blogging, also called Guest posting, is a marketing technique to increase reach and bring customer to your website. 

In this article, we’ll understand if guest blogging is the new marketing tool to get your message spread wide and far. We’ll address the benefits of guest blogging for both individual brands (bloggers) and businesses (insert your favourite company name :)).

How is Guest Blogging useful for Bloggers? 

In 2020, it is no more about creating an account and posting random content unless one does it just for time pass. Any serious blogger who wants to develop their domain authority, they have to think beyond writing a perfect blog for their site. And that’s where guest blogging comes into the picture-

  1. Aren’t you tired of being at home all through these lockdown months? Imagine limiting yourself to your website alone. It is almost an echo chamber unless you guest blog and attempt a new audience.
  2. When you invest time in guest blogging, people evaluate you in a different light because in a highly competitive era, having others to see value in your thoughts and publish your article, is a big thing! 
  3. Networking. Guest blogging speeds up your internet network by securing a lot of credible connections who will vouch for your work based on the traffic you helped them gain. Everyone knows the power of networking, and so in digital marketing, it has enormous respect.
  4. Talking about networking, Guest blogging helps you secure high domain authority. When your guest post is accepted, you get backlinks to your site; sometimes a good bargain can help you land a direct promotion of your service/product.
  5. Maybe you guest blogged on some unknown yet legit facts about increasing YouTube views. Perhaps, someone on the Internet reads it and impressed by the article reaches out to you. Yes, you can do so on your blog as well, but larger the space is, better the exhibition, right?


How is Guest Blogging Helpful for Businesses & Independent Professionals? 

If you own a company or run an independent business in the digital space, guest blogging is a smart way to market your brand. Here are some fine reasons for how guest blogging is helpful for companies and individual brands.

  1. It connects people to brand. Posting about company formation and its leaders enables a reader to know more about the brand. A successful company always invests time in educating the audience about themselves.
  2. It also establishes trust. In the time of online frauds, trusting any newly launched brand is like wearing heart on shoulders. Educating more about your products and services ensures potential buyer’s interests.
  3. Grows your audience. Hiring a useful guest blogger helps you market your business presence to a new audience otherwise not possible through your company blog alone.
  4. Guest blogging helps build high domain authority. When your guest post is accepted, you get backlinks to your site; sometimes a good bargain can help you land a direct promotion of your service/product.
  5. Lead generation. Viewers that read your guest blog post might be impressed with the knowledge and may turn into new leads.


5 Straightforward Ways to Successful Guest Blogging


1. The Right Foot First: Determine Purpose

First of all, decide the principle motivation behind wanting to guest post. There may be multiple reasons starting from the need to establish your domain authority to securing backlinks. You have to decide what’s that you want so that this remains the guiding factor to where and what you should guest post.


2. Develop a List of Sites & Starting Small

Next, in order is to develop your list of sites that work in your domain and is open to guest blogging. Your choice of sites also depends on your purpose (ref: point 1). If you are starting, you can look for credible new websites. Once you have too many guest blogging credits to your account, you can play them to win guest blogging opportunities with more renowned sites. 


3. Develop a List of Blogs that you’d like to Author

After you have the list of guest blogging websites ready, it is time to determine the topics. The best way is to review your guest blogging website on the kind of articles they are likely to publish. See if they write on trending topics. See if there are any article on their site that has an opportunity of a sister article that you can write. Look for topics they didn’t cover already, and you can start from there.


4. Read the Guest Blogging Guidelines

 Any reputable website that welcomes guest bloggers has standard guidelines that delineate how each post should be consistent with the web site’s theme, voice, and tone. When you peruse their guidelines thoroughly, your article takes the shape of a blog that fits well with their existing set of content. Reviewers are likely to appreciate your efforts if you follow this and your chances of getting accepted increase.


5. Demonstrate Credibility

When a website is open to guest bloggers, there is a lot on the stake, and therefore sites are particular about author credibility. So, if you are starting in your guest blogging journey, ensure that you are 200% sure about anything you discuss in the article you pitch. Along with that, please list your credentials such as work experience, education, certifications, and awards. Share links to previously published works, if any.



To be successful as a guest blogger, there are other factors as well such as time, opportunity, and your basic marketing acumen other than your talent and credibility. Basic marketing acumen includes your inclination to share your guest post once it is published on the guest blogging site. Please note that while you promote the published post on your site and social media profiles, the visibility of the published article on the host blog is ultimately at the discretion of the host blog. Concerning time and opportunity, these two are ever lucid factors in this situation because the host blogger may not have the bandwidth to accommodate your work for many reasons at their discretion.

It is tough but very rewarding. So, here’s the opportunity for young guest bloggers in digital marketing to build their leadership in the domain. Start small with us & grow as a guest blogger!

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