Just these 5 Things & you can Own a Travel Startup in India

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Anna Quindlen, the American author, says, “The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” Indeed, travelling is a great way to explore the world. Millennials today do not care about investing in fixed assets as much they care about travelling. The travel industry is ever booming.  More and more young entrepreneurs are considering travel entrepreneurship inspired by young travel influencers like Nuseir Yassin, Drew Binsky, and Alyssa Ramos. So the point is where can you find some help with setting up your travel startup? You are at Addicted2Success, brace yourself!

Five Tips to Start a Travel Startup

1.    Research your Niche

Let’s start with figuring your niche. Are you a good cook, a storyteller, or a guide? Are you good at photography and can create a memorable wedding, fashion, business portfolios? If yes, fix that as your niche in the domain for lesser competition and more recognition. Create a Google Form to survey travellers. Ask them if they wish for any service or product that is not already available in the market but can make their experiences better. You can ask them about the money they are willing to invest in such an arrangement. Use the survey response to build on your business plan. 

2.    Set your Company

Once you have identified your niche, run a domain search. Think of short and catchy names for your service and simultaneously look if you can book a .com extension of your business name. Hold on. Don’t buy it yet. Once you’ve found a .com, then run for a company name search. If that search signals green, it means your company name is unique (works great if you have the word travel in your name).  Now you can book the domain and also consider trademark registration for your company name.

3.    Build Online Presence

As a travel brand, your communication should endorse travel as a lifestyle. It is time that you launch a great looking website with your domain name. To go easy on the budget, get started with a one-click website template from Envato. Create social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with your company name. Schedule content that is content-rich and visually enticing. Talk about your travel experiences, blog thought leadership in the travel industry and have fun all the way. 

4.    Market your Services

Subscribe to various online travel groups where you can learn from travel nerds about their expectations and experiences and market your brand. Check cross-posting across all channels. Facebook and Instagram are popular mediums talking about travel. For serious partnership, focus on LinkedIn to connect with mid-size businesses and offer them your service for group travel assistance or individual secretarial support to C-suite executives. If your niche is organizing events, market your services with mid-size companies for product marketing events.

5.    Create Experience

There is a reason why Airbnb launched Experiences. You may have a great company with a fabulous online presence and maybe extremely experienced in your niche, but you have to create experiences. If you are shy of communication or get intimidated by sudden plans, then you may have to rethink your travel entrepreneurship. But, if you are born to travel; you enjoy culture, cuisine, unknown locations, and meeting strangers, then you’ve made a great decision. Congratulations! You’ve harmonized your passion and profession, and that’ll help you deliver excellent customer service. You can show them the world through your eyes and gift them lasting memories. 


Are you excited already? I am happy for you. Do get started but not rush yourself through the process. Take as much time to do your research. The five tips I’ve discussed in this article are for individual entrepreneurship, which isn’t capital intensive unless you wish to go into manufacturing travel amenities. But for starters, I recommend service as a region to explore because it has the scope of travelling and doesn’t require investment. Going back to the influencers, think of Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily famous for his 1-minute videos. Today he can command a creative agency delivering custom made travel videos or editing services to large enterprises. I believe in you because you inspire me; you’re your quest for exploring the world while meeting the demands of living as a responsible travel entrepreneur. Good luck!

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