Entertainment Frontliner Tarik Frimpong as Angus in Mary Poppins Returns

We are reeling under COVID-19 unsure of when things get any better. But here it is for those stranded in their real-world, step out into the reel world; the magical world of Mary Poppins Returns, one of the finest Disney productions I have loved till date. And yes, this you can do from the comfort of your home.

The great economic slump of Britain serves as the background of the film in which people are in due need of magic. Step out of the movie, today, we are in a real crisis, and the magic is all we want! Guess who I have found right through TikTok? Guys, it is the excitable young Tarik Frimpong, or Angus from Mary Poppins Returns backchanneling some hope to us!

Angus the character is amusing. He has that stamp of collegiality on his face and willingness to help the Banks family climb the Big Ben, go against time, and make the impact. You see it is for a reason I love supporting characters who extend substantial support to the success of an entire movie; Angus or Tarik Frimpong is an excellent example to analyze.

10 Reasons Why Tarik Frimpong is an Entertainment Frontliner

Put Forth Our Best Efforts

Tarik Frimpong is a talented actor, dancer, singer, and a guitarist all, at the age of 26! He is an all-round performer with an approachable personality. What I appreciate about his character is his untiring efforts to get better every day. For an entertainment frontliner, I believe this is a crucial spirit! 

Openness to Learning

If you follow Tarik Frimpong on his TikTokInstagram, and YouTube, you’ll know that he has no star-kid or made-it-to-Walt-Disney air! At his level, he doesn’t have to seek advice from random social media users, but he does, and that talks about his spirit to learn more to deliver better.

Prepare for Life

Tarik as Angus or the young Simba in the Australian production of The Lion King Musical is the same person who isn’t dependent on a singular skill. The quality reflects his readiness to accept any good opportunity prerequisite of an entertainment frontliner.

Entertainment Frontliner Tarik Frimpong as Angus in Mary Poppins Returns
The Invincible Crew of Mary Poppins Returns, 2018.

Laugh with your Heart Out

Did you notice his child-like innocence? In the photo, I shared above, you see him flaunting an infectious smile accentuating the entire magical vibe of the movie. It isn’t possible to live a creative life without criticism, but believe me, it is that smile that dissolves every shit.

Stage your Confidence

One of the most valuable traits of an entertainment frontliner is the stage presence. In this debut film, sharing the screen with the like of Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is no mean feat. This could be an exciting entry point to watch Mary Poppins Returns once more.

Stalk the Clock; Keep Moving

In my chat with Tarik on his role in Mary Poppins, I come to know about his Big Ben attitude; keep ticking despite adversities. Although Tarik is not shooting at the moment due to this COVID-19 crisis, his creative acts are ready for you to pick up for good entertainment. 

Take a Good Helping of Risk

I ask Tarik about his take on risk as an actor. Tarik responds with a face lit with encouragement for those who value risk to champion their creative discipline. Art is never without risk; in fact, if you roll a Good success, you know the right measure of risk.

Root for your Friends

What has an entertainment frontliner got to do with valuing friendship? Well, that’s a part of having great people management skills. Valuing friendship, being friendly, extending support to a fellow in the discipline, are qualities that Tarik personifies in real life and as Angus in reel life.

Swinging on Lamp Posts

An entertainment frontliner is not only an onscreen delight, they live the same virtues in real life, and probably that’s the reason why Angus recommends everyone to try “swinging on lamp posts” for good fun! I mean you can see the genuine place it comes from.

Be Giving, but Never Give Up

Now, here’s the interesting thing. Imagine those at the crisis frontline today step down and give up? Whether it is the real or the reel life, giving up is the worst solution to anything. In the ever-competitive creative and entertainment industry, Tarik recommends, not to give up! It is the very next effort that helps one achieve the goal. 

Tarik Frimpong as Angus in Mary Poppins Returns is as an entertainment frontliner has put the best foot forward and one who debuts in a feature film of the influence of Mary Poppins, it is all worth keeping in the know of his growth! And how best can we do it, not only for Tarik but countless actors in supporting roles? Well, the ask is simple; share what strikes gold about them? 

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