How I Got Google Adsense Approval in Less than 48 Hours?

Google Adsense Approval
Google Adsense Approval

If you are an avid blogger, consider Google Adsense approval a blessing. Yes, I am saying this as a writer. Writers are always expected to do charity and stay away from commerce. Well, here is an award-winning, professional woman writer who is set to make her anthill. No, that’s not a misspelling for the Antilla that belongs to the Ambanis.

Trust me, whether you are a poet, fiction or non-fiction writer, monetizing your content is a service you can do to yourself. Because psychologically, humans are programmed to deliver better with appreciation. And you know how difficult it is to have your closest friend appreciate your efforts. Writers need someone to listen to, someone who would care to take them out for a coffee.

My website was born in 2015. I tried blogging a couple of times, but I failed at it. Honestly, that’s my lack of patience when drowning in a full-time day job. But now that I am free from obligation and writing is all I do to manage my ends, I get to follow a routine to add resources to my blog based on my research.

There’s a community on Facebook called Bloggers India. I lurked around and figured that many people had terrible luck with Google Adsense approval. If I were still with a day job, I wouldn’t have bothered to get Adsense. But the challenges faced by others set me to try for approval. I was both deserving and lucky to have Google approve my AdSense account in less than 48 hours. I am very grateful.

How I Got Google Adsense Approval?

There are many bloggers around trying to monetize their blogs. I am happy that they are positively engaged. I know that they are faster and far more efficient than me to apply for a Google Adsense account and get either accepted or rejected in no time. To avoid sounding experienced in Adsense, I must share that I am technically a noob.  I was afraid, but at the same time, I wanted to test my readiness for the digital marketing world, which is not just limited to strategizing, writing, and editing content.

I focused on creating an experience for every visitor. I wrote about subjects close to me, which I felt intrigued and compelled to share. I blog to have a ready portfolio of my range and quality of writing for businesses to consider my services. In this pursuit, I balance both my urge to write and the facility to feed. Over a period, when I found enough people enjoying my blogs despite no direct investment in blog promotion, I figured that my content was ready to be rewarded. That’s when I applied for Google Adsense approval.

How to get Google Adsense Approval?

By now, I have understood that Google has mysterious ways of evaluating website content. Adsense isn’t new. It is very old, but it has truly evolved to meet the need for digital marketing.

If you are an algorithm that controls Adsense, tell me what is in it for you to approve a publisher the opportunity to share from your ads trusted by your people? Let me make it more simple.

Firstly, you create an account and copy-paste content from the Internet that thoroughly speaks of your lack of research to entertain, engage, and educate your visitors. Why would Google disappoint its people who are looking for genuine content?

Secondly, why would you think Google would waste its distribution bandwidth by placing its ads on sites that do not entertain, engage, or educate the visitors? If Google does so, it loses credibility, and you know Google is the apex of search engines. It can’t risk its reputation by aligning ads to an irrelevant audience.

So, you can be in any niche, but you got to ensure that the content you generate serves the purpose of the visitors beyond supporting your business intention.

Google Adsense Approval Basic Requirements

    1. Create quality content
    2. Do not copy & paste
    3. Create perspective; entertain, engage, or educate
    4. Give Google the respect that it has given to you
    5. Give readers the respect that they deserve
    6. Create regular content
    7. Go for balanced-SEO
    8. Get a high-performing server-hosting.

Upload Ads.Txt to WordPress Root Domain

There is no way that Google would deny you Adsense approval if you have adhered to the above-listed seven points.

Once Google approves your Adsense account, you have to configure that to your blogger or WordPress CMS. If you come across something like, “Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact on your revenue,” do not get nervous. When this error took place, I immediately rang up my brother in Berlin and sought his help. But as you know by now, my impatience is very focused. I waited no longer and searched on Google how to upload ads.txt file on WordPress.

On successfully adding the ads.text file, I am now waiting for Google to crawl my site at its convenience and recognize the addition to the root domain.

Positioning Google Adsense Featured Ads

This is very interesting. Either you choose Google to determine the best ad feature for you, which Google will locate on its own on your web pages or if you use Elementor, allocate space and inject shortcodes that your ad unit has generated.  If this sounds all Greek and Latin, I recommend that you follow the link here to open your AdSense account. If you already have it, then log in and study it meticulously. There is no shortcut other than paying someone on Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer to get it set for you.

On my website, I opted for a mix of self-allocated blocks and those that Google has determined. Google has the smartest robots and a long-standing legacy of helping digital businesses succeed in this matter of monetizing content. Of course, I still chose not to go with certain suggestions because I didn’t want to make my website an ads museum.

Selection Google Adsense Featured Ads

When allocating blocks, I ensured not to disrupt my visitors’ reading experience and ensure that the ads streams I allow are relevant to my multiniche audience ranging from poetry to technology. I selected responsive formats so that they automatically resize to the perimeter of the device.

Once, IRCTC ridiculed a young digital enthusiast who shamed them for displaying “obscene ads (ads of lingerie).” IRCTC’s Twitter response went viral for its cheekiness, suggesting the guy was responsible for such retargeting ads.

Today, while configuring my Adsense and selecting ads streams, I learned that an Adsense administrator has full control over display ads even if they have to be retargeting ads. When merchants advertise their offers online, they have to select a category to avail the right audience. Here, you or your AdSense partner can block categories you do not want to stream on your site.

What to Do if Google Adsense Approval is Denied?

Wait. Don’t rush around. Follow my experience that I labored to share with you in this article. Before you ask for any support, it is a character to evaluate one’s eligibility. Take a break, keep your site active and reapply after a good interval of two to four weeks.

Can Google Withdraw Adsense Approval at a Later Stage?

Yes. Google can always do that, but for that, your actions are accountable. To increase your CPC returns, if you fake clicks, Google will take no time to determine it. Also, Google doesn’t rush to judgment unless it has fairly observed your transactions and has enough evidence to divorce your site. Given that the amount threshold is $100, your unethical practice may risk the game at a much later stage when you may be a few cents away from claiming the transfer. So, your greed can lead you to lose your fortune.


If you are thinking of getting Google AdSense approval in 1 minute, I am sure about your ambition. It is rare to have Google AdSense approval in 24 hours; one minute is an astronomical figure. However, if you know of anyone who’s got lucky, I am interested in learning from their best practices.


I believe you are smart enough to conclude the main point of this article. If you have doubts, let me reconfirm that Google Adsense approval is not rocket science as some may tout it. At the same time, your content has to make sense for Google to approve Adsense. Check the hyperlinks for detailed instruction, and if I may dare, do check out the ads. It has been a long time since I had a Belgium chocolate drink.

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