Did you Know that these 7 Good Lies are Better than Truth?

Have you ever thought if lies could make your day? We are always told that lying is not good. But you know what? Not all lies are bad. Today, I’ll be the devil’s advocate and help you manifest some lies that do, others and us, good. Be careful, the success of realizing these lies totally depends on your understanding and experience of life, also the will to invite my suggestions to good thinking.

The 7 Good Lies the are Better than Sad Truths

It’s a Good Day!

You know it is not a good day; it is one of those days you do not want to go to work. Many things are pending — the bills to be paid, the laundry to be made, and all that’s said! I empathize as I look forward to mine. But pretty please, would you say, “It is a good day?” and take a deep breath? A few more times, please? Would you tell yourself you are going to nail it come what may? If you do, this lie will transform into a rewarding experience, trust my words. “It’s a Good Day!” is a good lie and can set you for a more 

You Deserve an Appreciation!

You can’t be on the highway waving at every vehicle your flag of appreciation. That’ll be adventurous, but most likely you’ll be dismissed with suspicion. So, although you don’t quite like your boss or your colleague, they are your best candidates for appreciation because in some respect you are involved with them in your daily life at work. Despite a person’s utter disappointing behaviour, there’ll be a straw that sticks out and might well be praised by you. Quote one such virtue and tuck it in with sincerity when you say, “You deserve an appreciation…” Please don’t overdo it. 

I am not Going to the Office Today!

Well, you know this is not a lie. Every once in a while, we are tired of the routine, and the body pleads for a day off. So, go ahead, and call it a lie; tell yourself you are not going to the office today. But hey, do you have plans for the day at home? Or do you want to while away the precious hours in the river of your laziness? Let’s do something that transforms your lie into an impact that matters. Google your local NGO and pitch to volunteer for a storytelling session for the staff, students, or community members. Or, let’s drive to the local hospice care centre and weave some beautiful hours sharing experiences?

I’ll Go to the Gym Today!

Well, for some of you, the gym is the “dread-end.” And for some, gyming is the best way to keep lean, emotionally and physically. If this is usually a lie for you, then let’s lie once more today. We are going to the gym and work out so hard that the next day when we are work, our colleagues are going to ask, “How was your last night?” No, hold on, you won’t fight with them but chuckle deep within recalling all the frenzy of the last love you made which will eventually help you clear your stress — wondering where we are heading in this conversation? To help you lie this one time because you are going to the gym! This lie helps you manifest the good.

I am not going to Talk to you Ever

Oh, no. I will be immensely hurt if you stop talking to me. I will shed two Amazon-large tears that’ll flood the earth, and you won’t have a Noah around to save the species of your love. That be disastrous. Are you laughing? See, if you are laughing at what I just said, that means you cannot stop talking to me. The lie, “I am not going to talk to you ever” is a genius that can passively make a fool of you. Disappointments are like chew toys; you need them to stay out of the intimidating prowl of loneliness. Let’s give this lie a try? I bet you will lose out a laugh on someone’s stupidity.

I am very Busy Today!

Hey, I completely agree with you. You are darn busy and don’t have time for anything. Today is your day to languish on the sofa and fancy a bull in the stock market to take yourself out for a fancier gateway to Honolulu. “I am very busy today!” should have gained entry in the Bible by now. It is such a holy thing to consider oneself busy and have the brain shut out to anything external. We need time to for self-reflection. If you got those gyres right, your productivity is at scale the next day!

Will Cook a Homemade Meal

My grandma doesn’t have any state-level recognition, but she has this fantastic skill of hitting the kitchen to take a grip of her stress when done with her customers who would defer paying her for the spices she sold. She would also tell me that apathy for something as lovely as cooking is symptomatic of stress so she would rather face it. You aren’t stressed, are you? If you are, then check for these herbal supplements from India. Else, let’s try a homemade meal today. Get some fresh vegetables and meat and say it thrice, “Will cook a homemade meal.” Do you already feel that love and joy? Eager to cook? Share in comments what you cooked finally. You can cook up a story as well

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