COVID-19 Skill Drive for Rural Women & Girls Fundraising Campaign

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June 23, 2020: The Ketto Fundraiser has now ended. I am grateful to everyone who donated to this campaign. I thank Amit Shankar Saha for donating INR 1000 through his chapbook “Illicit Poems.”

With the end of this campaign, in public disclosure, I inform that the campaign can no more accept any donations or proceedings from any sales including that of Amits e-book/chapbook titled “Illicit Poems”

The fundraiser, for not matching the goal amount of INR 2.5 lakhs, cannot fulfil the projected goal of wetland skills training program of girls and women. However, donors have received email updates from time to time and have been updated on the latest fund utilization.

All future utilization of the fund will be notified to the donors via their email addresses.

Thank you for doing your bit to this fundraiser.

Introduction: COVID-19 Skill Drive

Hi, my name is Linda Ashok. Please Google me to know more about me. I am doing this fundraiser to support myself in the process of training on-demand skills and providing training materials to poor women and girls from Bengal, India, severely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the massive Amphan Super Cyclone.

Skills, Background, & Motivation 

In my lifetime, I have experienced poverty and natural calamity. There is a say that a creative adult is the one who survived. So, more than the survival part wherein I earn a living as an independent digital marketer; I am super cool in tailoring, toy-making, accessory-designing, and many more. Today, I believe that I can use these skills to train women and girls from lesser communities. My marketing skills can further help them brand their services. With my freelance expertise as a remote professional, I can help them find the means to set up their online shop. My 13+ years of experience as a corporate professional can help them organize this initiative methodically.

Fund Utilization

The hard-earned money that you’ll care to donate to this campaign will help me commute, purchase material, sewing-machines, basic online marketing tools to make the products edgy and fashionable for increase sales potential. You’ll help me sustain a two-week program in skilling them to go auto-pilot. 

COVID-19 Skill Drive Campaign Appeal

I am aware of the entire situation wherein you who I am appealing to for this campaign may also have challenges. Please do not constrain yourself to donate this fundraiser. We cannot be successful as a community if one has to sacrifice their wellbeing for another. If only you are blessed enough to care for this cause without any challenges, I appeal for your support. 

In 2014, when HudHud cyclone devastated Vizag, I was fortunate enough to work with an individual to drive an entire digital campaign that generated 11.4 crores donated to Chief Minster Chandra Babu Naidu to rehabilitate the coastal Vizag. 

The above story illustrates that if you care to donate, I will use your support in ways you’ll come to believe how creativity can rehabilitate communities, improve living standards, and most importantly, give my beneficiaries the power to reclaim a life of dignity. Let’s make this COVID-19 skill drive a success.

Grateful to Ketto for not charging its Platform fee for this Fundraiser

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