Coronavirus Crisis Makers: Brand Botox & Elimination of Dissent

How Far are we from an End?

Two days ago, I happily shared a video released by Wuhan—the epicentre of the Corona volcano. The video narrates the release of 40,000 health workers from Wuhan medical facility who fought the crisis month-long. Now, tally this with the corona calamity on the rise in the other parts of the world. Was it not supposed to come to a decline when China declared Wuhan’s victory over the virus? 

Corona Crisis Makers: Applause

This entire China coronavirus thing is getting to my nerves. I was preparing to travel the country on a cultural exchange to bring forth stories that western media doesn’t report. But now? Now, I applaud the ringmaster, the entire band of coronavirus crisis makers for their massive win!

China Leads by Example

I don’t want to add to the controversy theory. It hurts me to critique China as a student of its language and admirer of its culture, cuisine, and literature. My Chinese friends are social workers, a surgeon, a businessman, a graphic designer, a nurse, you name it. Yet, I risk my relationships to voice my anti-corona sentiments against China, also known for abusing human rights for ages.

Our Kid is One of the Corona Crisis Makers

One cannot blame a neighbour’s kid when their child is wrong! When it all started in China, the Indian government was playing gully-danda (saying so as a nationalist, as a pro-Indian). From China, the shit crawled to Iran, Italy, and parts of the US. [Side dish: China is a growing business in Africa, and there is no report of the shit spreading where China is warming. My friend from Kenya confirms Chinese magnets building their mansions in Africa, and my Chinese friends from Beijing and Guangzhou inform China’s plan of “developing” Africa.]

Corona Crisis Makers: The Accomplices

So, China’s Faustian ambition to be the world’s most influential country gets the virus out of the bag. Dear Americans, your Donald Trump is complicit. Dear Indians, our ‘Mod’us Operandi watched it unfurl for some time from the comfort of the air-conditioned Sabhas. Finally, the corporate influencers advised GOI to trust the virus; give China a chance that called a safe trial on itself. The influencers pointed out to GOI the success of the virus in taking Europe head-on bullying pound that humps the dollar humps the rupee.

Coronavirus Crisis as Brand Botox

China was tired of selling cheap products and being labelled the Amazon of counterfeit manufacturing. I know that there has been a strategic amendment adopted by countries to curb China’s infiltration of the counterfeit infiltration. Although China agreed to set up local manufacturing hubs in the country of business (one-millionth opportunity when I dated a Chinese on an expansion mission to India). It was tired of being nice. So, one beautiful afternoon, it rose like a phoenix from a wet market in Wuhan, robbed the Titans and lit the world with the virus.

Not Nature’s Fury

Very carefully, but India eventually appears in the party of coronavirus crisis makers. [Side dish: Economy? Are our politicians concerned about the wellbeing of its democracy beyond their terms?] When China grabbed Trump “by the pussy,” Trump decided to harness it against anti-Trump America. Modi found it interesting that Trump like a wet cat didn’t “threat to nuke the perpetrator” against his popular behaviour. Finally, the bench of corruption decides to give in to the ringmaster and reset every dissent taking after corruption. The coronavirus pandemic is not nature’s fury as I would like to believe. It is a bio-weapon to demonetize the dissenting century.

What it Means for Dissent in India

So, keep the HINDU-MUSLIM-CAA-CAA-NRC-I -SEE-I -SEE from looping me. What hurts me is how this GOI is erasing history the unfair way. Such a massive economic impact, you who are likely to debate me, cannot fathom. I know what poverty is, and I know promises made by our politicians. Poor auto/rickshaw wallahs, garbage collectors, fruit and vegetable vendors… are penalized for disobeying lockdown. Imagine how hard it is for them to stay without food at a daily wage of 100/200 rupees. Welfare funds, indeed. I wait for the funds to reach the victims of this trial. [Side dish: Dear Indians, think of Funds in a country that has no health insurance as in the European countries and the United Kingdom]

Leasing the Coronavirus: Elimination of Dissent

I am sorry to vent out, but I have allowed myself the opportunity to believe in the positive. But now, I must speak and so should you. We must ask, investigate, and figure out the truth. We cannot have the GenZ hold us complicit in the crime. Admittedly, the virus has been leased to respective countries for a particular period. This too shall pass, but when it does, there will be a huge gash to nurse. We are headed toward a future where China will have us copy its cultural regimen and enslave us economically.

Dessert: Time to Quarantine

Watch out for the ROI China reaps as the ringmaster of the coronavirus crisis makers. Dear democracy, watch out the coronavirus crisis makers who being our elected leaders are stabbing our backs. Watch out for the tenure of corruption in India and the subjugation of studied dissent.

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