2020 Scope & Freelance Writer Fees: Content Writer vs Copywriter

2020 Scope & Freelance Writer Fees: Content Writer vs Copywriter
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In 2020, you can no more afford to confuse between a content writer vs. copywriter. On behalf of a business, when you have to delegate work to your content marketing team, content marketing agencies, or independent content marketing freelancers, your clarity is essential.

It would be best if you have a basic idea of the skills of a content writer vs. copywriter, which will help you assign them relevant work. Knowing the necessary working scope of a content writer and copywriter helps you earn their confidence and work above average because you know what is good work.

Today in the digital space, content creation requires immaculate attention, research, composition, and execution. This cycle helps an idea complete full gestation to hit the market and make a competitive impact.

What Determines Website Content Pricing? Content Writer vs. Copywriter

For example, TikTok is an app, and so is Instagram. But do both these apps cost the same? We can’t even talk about cost when both these apps, although connected to the same genre, have various functionalities unique to their audience.

Likewise, when you ask a content writer to write an article on Top 10 Street Foods of Cambodia, you get one kind of pricing contrary to the fee the writer can ask for Top 10 Most Delicious Cambodian Street Food Vendors. The price of these two articles will differ because of the research level. The first article can be done through random Internet research, but the second article needs the content writer to connect with the local vendors to assess the shortlist so that your piece stands as an authority.

With the quality factor on a sliding scale, the cost of content writing and the cost of copywriting is at the disposal of the writer and their market authority. A confident writer who knows what they can achieve may charge pay-per-word (PPW) basis, hourly basis, or based on value generated (more comprehensive if the writer incorporates SEO objectives, sales strategy, content-authority, branding, and eminence).

  1. PPW: 0.10 cents onwards
  2. Hourly: $25 onwards
  3. Value: $120 onwards

It depends on what material you want to use to build your house looking at temporary convenience.

Distinct Writing Skills: Content Writer vs. Copywriter

Within content marketing, the above areas are specializations. Some of them need a content writer, and some require a copywriter. Earlier, a content writer and a copywriter played in watertight compartments. But in modern content marketing, it is interdisciplinary. Any good content writer must possess good copywriting skills, and any copywriter must have excellent content writing skills.

Earlier, there was a pay-gap between a content writer and a copywriter because the later was closer to impacting a sales closure. But now, the pay gap is closed; content writers earn as much as copywriters. Why? Because the end objectives in 2020 have a common purpose; make it smart and sell it.

How to Hire an Expert Freelance Writer for Business Content Writing & Copywriting?

If this sounds too much of a work for a project manager, hire an expert freelance writer who can deliver both content-writing and copywriting. An expert freelance writer can take charge of everything; possess creative and analytical skills to achieve your digital marketing objective in mind. Hire an expert freelance writer who-

  • follows the Google E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) methodology for content creation
  • converts boring information into exciting new formats
  • understands Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • has a flair for visual marketing, and Social Media Marketing (S.M.M.) &
  • possess all the copywriter skills mentioned in the above table


So, it is on you to determine what you need. You have to brainstorm what is that you expect to be done for a potential outcome. Once you are sure, the cost of a content writer or a copywriter won’t be your concern when you know the kind of value a writer provides to your business. Genuine copywriters and content writers may seem expensive but are most reliable for your business.

If you are not serious about all these, if you are looking for stuffing your site with random content, you can get no-string-attached $5 piece written on FIVERR or your platform of choice. You can also pay nothing to get your content written by creating your paraphrase bot or using indiscreet media on the Internet.

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