CleanTalk AntiSpam WP Plugin is the New SPF100 for your Blog

Spam is the common cold of all Internet assets that worry the users to no end. Despite the evolution of numerous anti-spam software, it is quite a task to keep digital properties away from the prying eyes of the spammers. Importantly, Google hates spam, and while it penalises the spammer, it also looks down upon the infected site.

Until I started using CleanTalk AntiSpam WP Plugin, I underestimated the entire spam protection mechanism. When my subscription of the CleanTalk AntiSpam WP Plugin was due renewal, I decided to analyse how is this plugin different from plenty of free spam blocking plugins for your WordPress blogs.

Before I proceed any further explaining the effectiveness of the CleanTalk AntiSpam Plugin, let me share with you some startling facts about the ‘SPAM’ industry.

What is Comments Spam?

While there are different categories of spam, the one that plagues every blogger Comments spam that promotes dubious x-rated products for backlinking from your site to enhance their site credibility. If a Comments Spammer succeeds in creating a link from your website to the one they are promoting, the reputation of your site is at stake. 

Due to comments spam, researches say that legit website owners have lost a lot of public confidence required to interact with their content. For example, a conscious user will always be worried if commenting on a blog post would be safe! All-in-all, we cannot afford to have Comments Spam and to beat the progress of the spamming technology, we must seek automation.

Should you Disable Comments to Block Spam Comments?

Disabling the comments section of your blog to block spam comments, may sound an intelligent thing at the outset. But, did you also think of why website builders introduced the comments section at the very first place? Blog Comments help establish your content authority as people choose to interact with them. Of zillions of websites, if your blog receives comments, Google understands that you are serving a purpose that its users are interested in.

With that in context, it is clear that to block spam comments, disabling your comments section is not clever at all. To treat a boil, you cannot hack the entire limb that serves a purpose to your body. This means that you must keep your blog comments active and also ensure that spam comments or spam generators do not target your content

There are a plethora of spam blockers for bloggers. While you can certainly use them if budget is your focus but if an expensive and premium spam blocker can get your work done, why not invest in the reputation of your site against malicious links?

No more Jazz, let’s have a CleanTalk

Given the above concerns, I heartily recommend using CleanTalk if you are a website owner or freelancer for whom Internet reputation is crucial. Please feel free to check the spam score of my website to understand how CleanTalk AntiSpam WP Plugin has helped me keep the blood pressure (read: spam score) under control.

Refer to the below screenshot dated 3.23.2020. What would be your impression of a public product that has 1783 5-star reviews out of a total 1918 reviews? I am yet to add my review there, and I am confident that you too will add a 5-star review as you are going to be so satisfied with its efficiency.

1783 5-star reviews for CleanTalk WP Antispam plugin

CleanTalk AntiSpam WP Plugin is the New SPF100 for your Blog

The best part of this antispam plugin is that it requires  No CAPTCHA, no questions, no animal counting, no puzzles, no math and no spambots. It is the best for genuine commentators and pain for the remaining. Ever since I started using the CleanTalk WP Antispam plugin, I didn’t face any challenge. CleanTalk’s anti-spam automation has ensured peace of mind when I am focused on laying the foundation of my site.

CleanTalk WP Antispam Plugin Features

  1. Stops spam comments
  2. Seals spam registrations
  3. Stops spam contact emails
  4. Blocks spam orders
  5. Obstructs spam bookings
  6. Stops spam subscriptions
  7. Stops spam surveys, polls
  8. Clogs spam in widgets
  9. Shuts off spam in WooCommerce
  10. Occlude existing spam comments and spam users
  11. Is compatible with mobile users and devices
  12. Compatible with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU)
  13. No need for third-party email verification sites for Real-time email validation 
  14. Blocks disposable & temporary emails
  15. Saves from Google penalties, &
  16. Boosts your SEO

Can you Trust CleanTalk AntiSpam Plugin for WordPress SEO ranking?

CleanTalk WP AntiSpam Plugin is super useful in controlling spam comments for your WordPress site.

In comparison to the plugin I used earlier, CleanTalk reciprocates instantaneously to a spambot.

↳With faster site load, improved customer experience fortifies SEO

↳Better SEO leads to better traffic

↳Better traffic increases the chance of a higher lead conversion

↳Higher website trust contributes to higher domain authority

↳Higher domain authority contributes to your website space appraisal that helps make money

Compare the Cost of CleanTalk AntiSpam WP Plugin to Comments Spam

CleanTalk is a free anti-spam plugin for you to check its effectiveness. Isn’t that a good offer from the developer who wants you first to try before you buy? The trial period pays for comparing the value you invest in this plugin to the cost you incur when vulnerable to comments spam. It is difficult for me even to let a $ walk out as I lay the foundation of my multi-niche digital consulting website. So, if $8 pays for my peace of mind as a digital marketer, then it is not me, but the goodwill of the developers that’s paying for my site’s health.


It will be fair to say that CleanTalk AntiSpam WP Plugin is the New SPF100 for every blog and website owners. Ideally, SPF refers to the Sun Protection Factor, but for me, CleanTalk is the new Spam Protection Factor that I am happy to use. Download CleanTalk.

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