Buy One or All Amazing Domain Names for High DA Blogging

While you search, they save it, if it is the best, they buy it. But now you can also own a super creative domain name starting $100 only! No pricing negotiation as I am aware of offering you the best that,, NameCheap and the likes, won’t!

Blogging is a new lifestyle. I am not exaggerating at all. You can do your research and come back to comment, “I agree.” When we talk about lifestyle, it has to be the best-in-class else it is just ordinary living. This one life, if we can, why not we own the best? We deserve it, right?

Admittedly, I have a thing for hoarding domain names. For me, it is fancier than the billboard trends by Marks & Spencer, Forever, Zara, etc. You too can try this. This domain purchasing habit has fermented like good old wine, and it is never enough!

So, I know that many of you are incredible bloggers. Your content rocks and you know how to get the traffic! If there’s anything that you may lack is the chutzpah of owning a handsome domain name that adds sass and SEO both.

Apart from blogging, if you wish to build a great internet property, it is not “want but need” for a fancy domain name that will shout out your brand. For that to figure out an agency, a broker, a copywriter, nothing comes for free and is substantially priced.

Will that mean you will never own one? Wish buying a domain were like buying other commodities from a catalogue. Well, I got this wish covered. I have got some incredible domain names that I have been offered to auction, but I decided to sell them independently and to the deserving ones.

So should I get my kittens out of the bag? Here you go-

Top 11 Amazing Domain Names for Authority Blogging &

This is particularly relevant for you as a woman-identifying food blogger, gastronomy influencer, or run food community curator. This is one of my favorite domain names from my curated list of amazing domain names. The word “Food” is a high volume and competitive keyword. The word “Empress” emphasises authority. With a “.com” or “.on” you hit party spot on! Contact for Price

Hello, fashionistas, fashion lovers, & fashion influencers! Here’s a super sexy domain name crafted after “I am too sexy for my shoes” tagline, recall? Yes, suitable for anyone irrespective of gender but a high sense of fashion that provokes new trends to come to the streets. Are you getting my point? You can be a producer of a TV show or its PR manager to consider this domain for a new TV channel. In fact, vanity in food, travel, living, culture anything, will do excellent with this domain name. Contact for Price or

If you are planning to start a women-centric blog, web journal, or interview site, I recommend or as two amazing domain names that you should go for right away. Not only they are statement domains to accelerate the bragging quotient for the owner/s, but they are also authoritative domains to attract an audience interested in women rights and values women empowerment. Contact for Price

If you are an aspiring travel blogger or an established travel blogger, is the authority you need right away or for redirection. also works fantastic if you are planning to compete with a travel marketing company for exclusive hotel booking, airline ticketing, selling travel packages, etc. Contact for Price

When art is the adjective of life, it is Art bloggers, gallery curators, artists and painters both in the real and the digital space are welcome to consider this sassy domain name. Trust me; your competitors’ll envy you, and your branding will be tuned to higher prestige than already it has. It has the keyword both to subject art and SEO and with that “.com,” it is a cherry on top! Contact for Price or

Business bloggers welcome to my blog about amazing domain names. If you are a business journalist, drive thought-leadership in business technology in startups and enterprises, you must be ready by now to grab these two domains. I booked both of them so that these two amazing domain names with high-value keywords cannot be used interchangeably. If you are keen, buy both the names and spare no opportunity for competition. Contact for Price or

So, in my last stint, I was a marketing manager in the supply chain industry. I know what works there and what doesn’t. I can confidently tell you that these two amazing domain names will boost your branding. Because B2B is tough; you need subject matter expertise and branding work hand in hand so that your content marketing is successful in lead-conversion for your procurement journal and supply chain events. Contact for Price

Now you can Own these Domain Names

It is serious, and I am not joking. I am confident that you will be super happy with the pricing I have in my mind for these domain names. Honestly speaking, I thought I would let the vine grow wild till the grapes w(h)ine. But since I have taken off as a freelancer and have too less time to be involved in everything, I plan to sell these amazing domain names so that you have an opportunity to start something incredible!

Do you know that this is how began?

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