Avail Brand Happiness® Content Writing Service on Upwork

I am happy to inform that now I am a verified content service provider on Upwork. I can provide up to 10 well-researched, engaging SEO blogs (1000-1200 words each) with high Flesch-Kincaid score and CTA. While my hourly rate is $15, this particular project is milestone-based. Connect with me on Upwork to discuss the scope of work and pricing.

Brand Happiness® Content Writing Service on Upwork

The monthly content service package is meant for high-performing startups looking for independent and authoritative content across Digital Marketing, Industry 4.0, Supply Chain, Travel, and Food. I am also here to author guest posts. Guest posts are full-fledged thought-leadership articles published on third-party sites. These guest posts backlink to your site and quote your subject matter expertise.

Ideally, Google appreciates enterprises releasing their content methodically, and in that case, one high authoritative blog/article each week will do them justice. I would recommend you to go for a package of five website blogs and five guest posts. please note that for guest posts, I author and do not pitch or publish. You’ll need a PR to do so.

As an established creative and corporate writer, I am averse to the idea of ghostwriting. Please do not offer to surrogate my expertise. Both for blogs and guest posts, I own intellectual rights, I ask for a byline. This part is considered when I decide the fee for a project on evaluating its scope and impact.

I would really appreciate if you do not ask me for free material. If your objective is to understand if I can write, you know it by now. Else, I request you to go through my blog. At the cost of sounding overconfident, I would like to make it very clear that writing is not penny-per-word for me; it is my identity. Please do not negotiate price or expect bulk paraphrasing service.

Continuing a project will mean mutual likeability. You could be a great payer and can afford many writers like me, but at the end of the day, money is only one of the many matrices. I reserve equal rights to decide on a long-term association. On Upwork, I am available here. Let’s talk.

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