Be a Pro Digital Media Marketer and Answer the Public

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It is quite a paradox that despite having access to the same knowledge, only a few succeed. Now let me not get into the relativity of success; every writer has a birthright to rant on success. Instead, let me share with you something that has helped me tremendously as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

No, you don’t have to pass on your email id to me to download my secret. I won’t even ask you to know more from my YouTube channel. If you have been curious about how as a digital marketer you can answer the Public the million-dollar question, then read on, else you have your way.

How to Write Blogs that Rank?

Well, I have already answered how to create content that makes you financially content in this article. Read if you are inclined, but to answer the above question, I suggest that you research what people are curious about and digging in on the Internet.

No, I am not trying to fool you or to waste your time in any way when I am asking you to “research what people…” You know that well. But here I am just trying to suggest the resource so that you can save your time aka money.

Have you heard of SEMRush, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, and all that? I bet you do as a digital marketing professional. While they are beneficial, for an individual without an institution, it is hard to afford. They do provide limited reports but guess what SEMRush didn’t yield my first query on the third day and insisted that I buy a subscription.

I write as much effort required to knead the dough for 8 pounds of bread. So for me, I must have the tool that won’t pitch promises but facilitate my productivity. After SEMRush, I checked Ahref that is even smarter. Ahref is strict about not being useful without a fee even for trial. Yes, I know that there’s Google Adwords but the trick to get to its results without an active ads account is cumbersome. So how? What helps me out eventually is what I am going to share with you, which you may either discard or decide to take advantage of as a best practice.

Come to the Point and Answer the Public

Oh, haven’t I created particular headlines for you to jump the gun and learn about the weapon with which you can slay the digital industry? Whether it is for your Amazon listings, Bing or Google ranking, Answer the Public is the best tool. Wait, since I mentioned it, let me give you a lift to the venue since I am also headed that way. And here you are in a click.

How is Answer the Public the Right Tool for a Freelancer?

Ask me about it. Answer the Public is a powerful tool that didn’t question my intent of getting employed full time. Answer the Public values my decision, and therefore it facilitates my content topic research with genuine results for free till ten queries every day. Now, this isn’t like SEMRush that tried to trick me to its subscription by saying I exhausted their daily limit of research. Every day, for a month now, Answer the Public brought for me hight-volume and most relevant questions. If you tour my blog to verify this statement, you are most welcome.

You Don’t Pay for the Air you Breathe. If needed, you can Buy Extra.

Giving is not a generic virtue but a special one. People exploited this virtue by naming their taking as giving. Everything dear to you is free for you, do you realize that? Of course, there is a cost for commerce; hunger makes you hungry, but if you are on a mission, you shouldn’t be empty stomach. All this rant is to bring you to the point that if you consider Answer the Public as a generic mill for questions that you should use in your content marketing, I bet you pause.

The reason that you are here, reading this blog is because of the credibility my website has earned in just one-month (note my website is a 3-year-old, but the blog is a baby) usage of Answer the Public free version that too without asking for my email! Crazy, right? And yet you don’t believe it?

Answer the Public has Questions for Startups and Enterprises to Answer

For those who are atheist about anything free, particularly startups and enterprises, Answer the Public has got you!

SEMRush Monthly Subscription and SEMRush Yearly Subscription

SEMRush Rate Chart

SEMRush Rate Chart

Ahrefs Monthly Subscription and Ahrefs Yearly Subscription

Ahrefs Rate Chart

Ahrefs Rate Chart

Answer the Public Monthly Subscription and Answer the Public Yearly Subscription

Answer the Public Rate Chart

Answer the Public Rate Chart

Answer the Public Monthly Rate for Businesses

Answer the Public Monthly Rate for Businesses

To my left is the monthly rate card for Answer the Public. It is hands down the winning solution for bloggers and businesses large, medium, or small. Yes, maybe this rate chart will be revised in the future but aren’t those who make the hay till the sun shines, the clever ones?

SEMRush vs Answer the Public Pricing: What SEMRush charges for SEMRush Pro is the final price for Answer the Public. If you get the annual subscription for Answer the Public, your monthly cost is $79.

Ahrefs vs Answer the Public Pricing: You who can see it, can use your eyes to compare the rate chart. For the sake of the visually challenged, let me word it out. Ahrefs charges $7 for a Trial while and subscription ranges from $99 a month to $999 a year. This excludes additional taxes as applicable in your country. Answer the Public’s the monthly expense is 20% lesser if you signup for $948 (inclusive taxes). Else, Answer the Public cost is $79 per month, and you can cancel anytime.

Oh! Where is the ball? The ball is in your court as I have to leave for a good night’s sleep. The only request is whether or not you sign up for the tool, I recommend you start using the free version to gain the initial confidence before you spare that 20% less annual $948 


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