An Overview of How to Do Better Email Marketing?

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Have you seen traders hooked to stock exchange rise and fall? Monitoring an email marketing campaign is a similar addiction. As a serious marketer, your mood is so much in control of the clicks and conversions. 

It may have become easy for me now, but earlier, I mean six years ago, it wasn’t the case. I have witnessed and been a part of the email marketing hustle while gathering a lot of experiences on the way. 

So let’s begin the digital communion. A subscriber opening an email is the first step of getting closer to a prospective consumer, build camaraderie, and forge relation to facilitating the marketing objective.

The efficacy of email marketing is unparalleled when compared to social media, SEM, affiliate marketing or the likes. In this article, you’ll learn more about effective email marketing that is generous to your budget.

What is Email Marketing?

This question is as old as grass and yet marketers are breaking their heads over it. But don’t be too hard on yourself, just allow yourself to sink into the message I am trying to deliver. 

Email marketing is a direct communication exercise between the origin of information and the consumer of information. This information can be anything; a product, a service, a community-building exercise, etc.

What can Disrupt a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing is basically the highway that connects you to your list of subscribers (audience/customers). In between these two entities, if there is anything it is the conveyor belt that shouldn’t convey your message to your recipient’s spam box. 

Many a time, campaigns fail despite feeding the mailer the highly convertible database of leads. How? 70% of those emails landed in the spam and that’s not the runway for your campaign’s flight. That’s the gutter move.

Who can Use Email Marketing other than Businesses? 

Businesses run on the sap of email marketing. These businesses can be pursuits of individuals, freelancers, startups, enterprises, basically, any creator who is sure of growing their portfolio of clients and consumers.

As the nature of employment passes through a rapid transition and more individuals claim independence to live a lifestyle untethered, email marketing is an enabler. It doesn’t need a third person to communicate a message that you can articulate better.

How Do We Collect Contacts for Email Marketing?

As a digital marketing professional, I can share several tricks that can work for you and bring in more traffic to my blog. But scams have a short shelf life. So, I’ll not dwell in anything unethical as I am mindful in my own pursuits.

The best way you can collect contacts for email marketing your campaign would be a sign-up form like you may have seen one when popping up on your face as you entered my blog. This facility is provided by all email marketing tools such as MailChimp, SendMail, ConstantContact, etc.

Which Email Marketing Tool do I Recommend?

Well, I recommend what I use. I have tried Mailchimp but it failed me and the businesses I have been with. Google has a monopoly over promotions and therefore Gmail has a dedicated spam folder that attracts almost every Mailchimp communication unless the recipient puts in extra effort to mark it safe.

The best is to create a Google form and collect subscribers who you can Bcc directly from your Gmail. Gmail is never biased against Gmail. The other way is to say Hello to this new market entrant, ConvertKit.  You are free to try Mailchimp and other established players, but I tell you, be sure that your effort is not getting flushed down the sink.

How Long does it Take to be Successful Email marketer?

There is no definite answer to this. You can have a shortlist of people who trust you already and you have a long list of people who don’t even get to see your mails no matter how enticing the subject line and the body of your content.

Of course, the more you practice the trade, the better you’d get but there is no definite period by when you can claim to be a successful email campaigner. Instead, you can be a more strategic email marketer with time, sound advice, and practice.


It is time to wrap up and if you have any particular question related to email marketing, ask me in the below comments and I’ll promptly respond. If you want to communicate with me directly, use the contact form.

For now, I am heading for a client meeting. I hope that the knowledge I shared about email marketing will go a long way to get you started in the process, build you a relationship with ConvertKit, or better your existing experience with email marketing tools.

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