High CTR with Great Social Media Marketing Graphics

Today, I am excited to write on this topic. Click-through-Rate or CTR is an important measurement to evaluate the success of your content marketing. Despite great content, there’s something that fails your CTR goals. How to fix that?

In this article, I will take you through how to fetch high CTR with great social media graphics. I’ll show you how to present your content that it becomes a visual treat to the readers. Eventually, you’ll learn how to stop the crowd and take note of your message irrespective of their buying intent.

I don’t teach what I don’t practice. So, you have to read this article with a very open mind to consider this as your guiding article. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to succeed, you need aesthetics and directorial command. 

So here are some social media marketing graphics that I created for you to use as an example. Of course, I am not asking you to copy them. I am going to explain the intent behind each of these designs and the accompanying copy so that you can incorporate that in your social media marketing efforts.

SEMRush Social Media Marketing Graphics

Over the last year, I have noticed how SEMRush has set up its unique creative style that’s consistent across its various digital messaging. 

What is Unique about SEMRush Social Media Marketing Graphics?

The unique thing about SEMRush Social media marketing graphics is the incorporation of pop aesthetics in refreshing yellow, reddish-pink, shades of green, with a dash of fluorescence. The use of geometric patterns harmonizes the thinking of the left and the right brain, affirming a balance of creativity and data in making the most compelling social media marketing graphics.

Ad Banner by SEMRush

What do you think about the typical ad banners that you see on the Internet? Either they are made to look good by the virtue of photographs of places if it is a travel company or an e-commerce company, or they as text-animation.

There are very few companies that have dared to break the visual monotony and take a viewer beyond a regular experience. And SEMRush is one of the few companies that have achieved a visual experience for its readers. 

The Anatomy of Top Performing Articles: Successful vs. Invisible Content – SEMrush Study

Source: SEMRush Blog by Alina Petrova, Fig 1

Infographics by SEMRush

Being in the digital marketing industry for the last 13+ years has been a painful journey looking at terrible social media marketing graphics. I am glad that I am done with that phase and off to something where visual mediocrity doesn’t confine me anymore.

Infographics. Figures 2.1 & 2.2 illustrate how artistic an infographic gets. Give your creative team a good oil massage so that they can break free of the rust of the past. Maybe, encourage them to visit SEMRush or the like? Even DU Press for that matter will infuse colours in your brain so you understand that the world is asking for more than your black and white and grey.

The Anatomy of Top Performing Articles: Successful vs. Invisible Content – SEMrush Study

Source: SEMRush Blog by Alina Petrova, Fig 2.1

The Anatomy of Top Performing Articles: Successful vs. Invisible Content – SEMrush Study

Source: SEMRush Blog by Alina Petrova, Fig 2.2

The Creative Journey of SEMRush

Here are some samples that document the creative journey of SEMRush digital team. You can see how there is a steady and progressive evolution in their design sensibility. 

In most cases, I see companies using designs that are aesthetically dead. Your content is undoubtedly great but designs? Let’s see how SEMRush’s social media marketing graphics are delivering so much to their CTR goals.

In “5 Simple Visual Hacks To Enhance Content Readership,” I have broadly discussed this aspect of visual enhancement. If you think that such creativity is not possible in the technical domain, I am sorry for your experience. 

Inspired by SEMRush’s design sensibility, I came up with the below creative, which I am sure you couldn’t tell apart had I not disclosed it is my creation. Guess what; I have done this on Canva!

High CTR with Great Social Media Marketing Graphics

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5 Simple Things to Know about How Impressive Social Media Marketing Graphics can Contribute to your CTR Goals

High CTR with Great Social Media Marketing Graphics (2)

  1. COLOURS: Use bright colours. An Internet user goes through a lot to be attracted to something dull no matter how informative the article is. Bright colours psychologically stimulate the brain cells in which your content receives better engagement.
  2. ELEMENTS: Depending on your resources, you can either create visual collages of various Internet elements in a harmonious way or have a custom design developed by your creative designer by incorporating pop graphics that resonate with your brand.
  3. CONSISTENCY: As you have noticed that it is very easy to tell apart if a creative belongs to SEMRush. Their custom elements are consistent across all the creatives that float on the Internet. Sp, don’t let your blogs tell one story and your social media something else.
  4. KNOW THE MINDSET: You have a significant legacy brand and experimentation is not allowed. You know if the frog didn’t experiment life in the ocean, it would have forever stayed in the well. If you talk about disruption, bring it on from all aspects.
  5. WHY BE SERIOUS? You must be serious about your content,  that means money justifying every bit of our hustles. But you are dealing with millennials who are not confined to boring aesthetics. Your serious content can be given a creative facelift with incredibly designed social media marketing graphics.


Melanie Perkins launched Canva with the mission to reset the creative aesthetics of the Internet dwellers. The company has grown ever since. It has made designing a task for a toddler (literally). However, as a freelancer on Upwork, I come across proposals that look down on Canva as a tool for an “Instagram child.” I highly recommend Canva to step up your creative business. 

Just consider, why should illustrated content be reserved for children alone? Illustrations help in brand recall, which is why children’s books are illustrated. It is time we overcome hopeless notions about “seriousness” against “vibrance” and make our digital presence a worthwhile engagement to solicit better CTR.

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