7 Reasons Why Data Scientists are in High Demand

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Over the years, Data Science has flourished as a subject of choice and data scientists have gained immense amount of demand. With every passing year, more and more data enthusiasts are joining the league of data miners and analysts. Data Science is not only a rich career option; it is also indicative of the pursuant’s cognitive inclination toward research and development, activities that propel the evolution of technologies. Even as a creative person, if you can develop a flair for data, you are unbeatable in ideating the best in your domain and fulfil the market demand. Here are the seven reasons why data science jobs are in high demand and you should consider being a data scientist.

1.     Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

According to the Harvard Business Review, Data Science is the “sexiest job of the 21st Century.” And we cannot agree any less. While vegetarians and non-vegetarians contest argue over which side is sexier, the analysts for sure know data science to be the sexiest of all disciplines. It is simply so empowering to be in command of data that can alter situations, reset events, and manipulate consequences. It can be in any industry, but data is the cerebral lubricant with which success is mobilized.

2.     Data Science is a Propellant

Data is the chemical mixture harnessed to produce thrust in industrial growth. Unstudied data can be equally detrimental. This is the very reason, why experts should milk data to feed growth nutrient to businesses.   If it is the fashion industry, you need data to analyze demographics and preference. If you are in the music industry, you need data to check the pulse of the public and understand what is likely to be a hit. With data, you understand possible alterations to genome grafting.

3.     An Irrefutable Passport

As a data scientist, you can work anywhere in the world. Interestingly language will hardly ever be a constraint because data scientists speak in data. The only challenge is just being conversant is not enough, you have to speak advanced data. The world outside the four walls of your house and university is vast and if you really want to interact with that world, a degree in data analytics is an irrefutable passport to any country where you earn the exposure to work with genius minds across the world.

4.     Data makes you Indispensable

Professional conflicts might impact your performance report. But when it is data, it is digital and tamper-proof. Data guarantees you every due for the efforts you put in to establish something. And that brings in recognition and opportunity to spread your wings for greater heights. Recognition is an important part of career growth, and data is an indulgence with definite returns; there can be no way to tamper data as data is time-stamped. You can steal anything from the clutches of time.

5.     Data Scientists Rule Industry 4.0 Technologies

Industry 4.0 Technologies is a constituency of Cyber-physical systems (CPS), the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. Data scientists are trained to work on Industry 4.0 Technologies that have assumed the responsibility of making our future more convenient and sophisticated across industries. Data is the heart and head. When you master data science, you are at the epicentre of influence.

6.     Never Unemployed

As a data professional, you will be always on your feet. There is no downtime is data much like the way it is with creative professionals. Creative professionals are never “unemployed” because they are in charge of creating opportunities. Likewise, data professionals are always in charge of their career. As an experienced data scientist, you can always have your way or pave your way. Every nano-second, gazillion of data is generated, and to man this data, data professionals are in demand.

7.     Data is Domain Agnostic

As a data geek, your knowledge of data mining is relevant across industries. It simply means, come what may, you have the freedom to switch industries, opt for newer and exciting data-centric roles, and become an industry expert. Today, reputation is indispensable. And you establish a reputation by working toward causes that concern people. Data Scientists can build their reputation because opportunities to impact are aplenty. It ranges mapping likelihood of natural calamities to assessing resources that would speed up space expeditions.


Finally, you can mark our words that with a degree in data science, you’ll never regret a day in your life. For some people, data may be boring but as such eating and breathing, anything that repeats is boring, isn’t it? Do we eat the same food every day although the same vegetables? Do we breathe the same air every day although from the same area? Once you reflect on these two questions, you are ready to start your journey as one of those incredible data scientists.

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