6 Future-Ready Job Skills you Need to Brave What’s Ahead

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If you have checked my last video on personal branding, you’ll know the amount of seriousness and sincerity I bring together to create informative videos on digital marketing, freelancing, and positive living. As of today, my focus is on helping you stand out in the market that is so unsettling, I talk about 6 future-ready job skills you need to brave what’s ahead. And that future starts the moment you finish reading this article, a future as near as you going to the office tomorrow and about a massive layoff in the company next to yours. These possibilities are not impossible, right?

You know, the thing is besides English, Bengali, and Hindi, I took to learning Mandarin Chinese because I had solid plans to explore China and Chinese culture with my Chinese friends for a couple of years. But unfortunately, COVID and India-China relationship knocked them down. So, anyway, learning Chinese or any other foreign language is the no.1 skill I recommend. Why?

Future-Ready Job Skill 1.Foreign Language

According to the World Economic Forum, “6,000 languages are spoken in the world today, but some 2,000 of them count fewer than 1,000 speakers. Moreover, just 15 languages account for half of the languages spoken in the world.” This data is telling of how knowledge of languages is paramount in a highly globalized world facilitating communication and participation in cultural, economic, and social activities.

Although Translation technologies have come a long way like Google Maps and other GPS services, it can only go so far. So you cannot say that technology will take me through. Now, in the order of world dominance, languages that’ll rule the world, include- No.1 English, No.2 Mandarin, No.3 Spanish, No.4 French, No.5 Arabic, No.6 Russian, No.7 German, No.8 Portuguese, No.9 Hindi, & No.10 Japanese.

So, while I continue to learn Chinese because I really love it so much already, I am curious to know if this suggestion to learn a foreign language makes sense to you and if yes Let me know in Comments if you plan to pick up one of the 10 Languages I recommended unless you are already studying one of them. Why don’t you mention that too in comments?

Future-Ready Job Skill 2. Coding

So there is the language you need to speak to humans, and there is the language you need to talk to bots and supercomputers, which is called coding. I’ll tell you something exciting, and maybe that’ll encourage you to pursue coding.

My brother spent 5 years of his life studying law but guess what he is up to in his professional career? Believe it or not, he is a full-stack coder working with a medical startup in Germany, and yes, he speaks German too. Well, he neither studied coding, nor did he take any course in learning German. He is self-taught at both.

Now many friends of mine tired of their life in India so keen to explore the world outside are unsure what skill can get them there. And they know my brother did it as a coder. Trust me, over the next 10 years, it is estimated that there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer sciences and only around 400,000 graduates qualified to do them. Jobs not directly linked to computer sciences – such as banking, medicine and journalism – will also be affected by the need for at least an understanding of programming and coding. So, what plans?

You may be just got done with your high school and contemplating your graduation, or you are young professional planning to switch industry. You may also be an Asian parent who has resolved not to limit your child’s potential to typical professions, so consider CODING as a skill of tremendous force that you can embrace for good. Let me know in comments if you need any guide to choosing a credible course in coding.

Future-Ready Job Skill 3. Big Data & Data Science

I have authored numerous articles on big data, and in fact, you can call me a firm believer of big data, it is like electricity to power decisions. Of course, I studied arts, but you know it is the inclination that matters. You can also check my content marketing services here.

If you do not know what big data is, in simple words, it is a mass of data from various sources studied to analyze trends and potentials that dominate worldwide commerce and industries.

The internet-of-things or IoT sources and stores data in massive clusters on select servers. Big organizations need this data to advance their businesses and so to access such data from data pools, they pay huge money to-

  • organizations that sell data,
  • invest in technologies in data science that help analyze that data,
  • data scientists that govern such technologies, and
  • Big data experts that put such data in perspective to help businesses make decisions.

Quite impressive, right?

So while some organizations purchase data from third parties like governments source their data needs to analyze population metrics and stuff from Google and Microsoft, these companies among many others, have their own data repository. They know everything next to God.

So, if you want to become indispensable for the future, you have to work with data whether in the capacity of a data miner, a data analyst, a data scientist or other data geeks.

Future-Ready Job Skill 4. Business Intelligence Web Analytics

Now, you may be thinking are we still not done with data? No, my friend. Data is the juice that keeps your commerce healthy. Ok, what if one fine day, you see your YouTube data is wiped off? Or your excel sheet with thousands of entries corrupts? Your mobile internet data fails to load your queries? Good questions, right?

So, talking about website data analytics. What is it? Business Intelligence Web Analytics helps businesses analyze business data from internet databases, proprietary sources and searches for trends and patterns. Business Web Analytics presents intuitive data visualization for easy user-interpretation and helps optimize business practices based on internet data.

While the exact number of websites keeps changing every second, there are well over 1 billion sites on the World Wide Web. In the comments below, I challenge you to read out the numbers you see on the screen, can you? (1,295,973,827 according to Netcraft’s January 2020 Web Server Survey compared to 1,518,207,412 in January 2019)

Listen if that’s the population of websites on the Internet, imagine the need for business intelligence website analysts to guide businesses to use maximum internet leverage in the digital era. It is huge, right? So, you don’t need me to explain it further. You are a smart one, and you get it how Business Intelligence Web Analytics is going to stay into the farthest future.

Future-Ready Job Skill 5. Digital Marketing

I would like to believe that you already know enough about digital marketing. Still, in case you do not, Digital Marketing is an assemblage of digital advertisement, content marketing, email and mobile marketing, online reputation management, and website analytics. In the context of digital marketing, website analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of Internet data and impression measurement of various digital campaigns run to market a company’s product or services.

What do you think are the reasons that digital marketing is a booming industry? It is simply because businesses worldwide know how important it is to have a great digital persona that digital marketing can get. Believe it or not, COVID-19 has actually made it more potent and challenging for digital marketing to stay and take care of businesses to market their products and services online.

So now you know the opportunity and how you, as a digital marketer, can fill the gap. You can work from anywhere and anytime. Of course, if you are a full-time digital marketer with a company, you have specific timings, but as a freelance consultant, as a digital nomad, you are your own boss. As long as there is commerce, old or young, there will be digital marketing, and there will be a needed of talented individuals like you!

Future-Ready Job Skill 6. Writing

It is a linguist to articulate the grammar in writing to create documents assisting your foreign language learning process. It is a tech writer who has to articulate the hierarchy of information for a coder to follow. Again, it is a writer who writes on trends and technology in data science and analytics, website business intelligence, and website analytics. In digital marketing, you have the content writer and copywriter calling the shots propelling conversion for a business. Sometimes, it is again a writer to write a novel, a screenplay, and a poem, among others. So, writing is omnipresent. If you are a writer, say AMEN.

The kind of writer that will weather all odds is a domain agnostic writer. Specialization is cool; conservative employers and leaders are likely to trust you more. But to make yourself an irreplaceable asset across industries, you better pursue it across all the futuristic skills and opportunities I discussed in this video.

As long as you- love writing, curious about the world and trends that dominate and reasons why they rank, how they affect businesses and with probable outcomes along with an inclination to research and ideate mitigation plans, you have all the germs of a writer.

Key Takeaway

You may be already busy with your current employment or (not being an alarmist) but the fact that unemployment is on the rise due to COVID-19 and geo-political tensions among other miscellaneous triggers, it is important you upskill yourself and stay prepared.

    1. Up/skilling helps the employed take on more responsibilities and be an employee-of-choice.
    2. The currently laid off and seeking or “unemployed,” up/skilling is the way to prepare for the next best opportunity.
    3. Students ready to enter the job market, pick up any one of the future-ready job skills to brave what’s ahead.
    4. Ask your teenagers about any of the future-ready job skills I discussed in this video to facilitate an early orientation.


Listen guys, you need to focus on your personal branding, you need to stay prepared. Pick up any of the suggested future-ready job skills without delay, it is now or never. And, do SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for videos on useful subjects that influence your growth in so many ways.

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