5 Ways on How to Stay Creative during COVID 19 Lockdown

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How to stay creative amidst COVID-19 pandemic? I kid you not; I am aware of how much it has taken a toll on the general wellbeing of people besides sending those that are its victims to ventilation. But we can only do so much, stay at home, pray if you believe, and stay responsible about health. Is there anything more to it? Well, maybe try my suggestions for a little creative boost? 

In this article, I discuss how to stay creative and use our resilience to fund our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The five ideas that I share in this article are likely to productively absorb your time during your stay-at-home intervals.

Recall your Childhood Hobby

If you are a creative person, think of those hobbies that you left out as a child or teenager. If you were good at making origami models, get a kit ready on your work table so that you can indulge in it when you need a break. To make it easy, I share a link to order from Amazon which will show you a way to stay creative.

Create Mock Situations to Creatively Engage with your Children

If you are working from home with your kids, now is the time, you can practice some elementary math. Laugh. If your kids are those adorable argumentative citizens, try mock situations to engage them. Trust me, you may find out a new solution to a problem mulled over by you and your boss for the entire last quarter. Laugh.

Stay Creative with Care for Health

If you are at home with parents above 60, they must be always worried about your wellbeing like in most Asian households. I tell you, use this time to show them you are their most responsible child who is disciplined about their diet and arm-chair exercise. Show them that you are a good citizen abiding by rules necessary to navigate through this COVID-19 crisis. 

Google Earth View the Next Itinerary

Guys, do you love travelling? If you do, amazing! Travel is such an important thing but unfortunately, we are not in the best time period to go out. But you know what? you can go on Google Earth view and travel the world, virtually. I mean till I travelled out of my country, Google Earth view was my best gateway to anywhere I would want. Sometimes, I would ask my mom to join me and show her around the beautiful world without a passport. It may sound crazy, but you can use this time of lockdown to chalk your next itinerary.  In fact, newlywed partners can have a great time planning their next travel experience. By the way, you can also meet me.

Make your Digital Presence till the Sun Shines

Guys, you know that the worldly is rapidly flowing into a digital ocean. You are not smart enough of you don’t leverage this lockdown to set up your website, fine-tune your social media accounts, start a YouTube video like me, what not? Listen, I don’t want to die with all the hard-earned knowledge without sharing them with you. If you wish to take a lead from there, use the link I have shared below. Trust me, you can’t squander your good life feeding 9-5 boredom for a paycheck to paycheck life! 

I hope you will heed my suggestions to exploit and enjoy this period of lockdown to its maximum. If you like them, please Like, Comment, and Share. If you would love to add something more interesting to this thread, please comment so that it prompts for a more productive engagement. Also, subscribe to #ORIGINALSBYLINDA

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