5 Mental Health Best Practices to Follow During COVID-19

For those who have been ignoring mental health for too long, they can now experience the simulation during this COVID-19 lockdown or stay-at-home period. Unlike any other health condition that is tangible, people suffering from mental health condition are struggling, every day. But because people like me struggle, it will be clever for you to take clues from our experiences and use those mental health best practices for your wellbeing.

5 Mental Health Best Practices on #ORIGINALBYLINDA

In the video, I talk about the mental health of every person directly or indirectly affected by this COVID-19 crisis. My practices are in consultation with my psychiatrist, so from my end, I declare them safe practices. If you wish to watch the video instead of reading the article, please watch it till the end as I share a link to avail free mental health therapy by registered mental health practitioners organized by Prakriti Foundation, Chennai. We all know that time is tough; if you can afford a paid consultation, great! But someone out there may be suffering and can use the link to free mental health therapy to stay strong during this COVID crisis.

In this article, I discuss five mental health best practices to follow during COVID-19. These five mental health best practices that I share in this article are surely going to keep a check on your wellbeing during your stay-at-home or lockdown period. Of course, you got to make changes to schedule and practices to accommodate my suggestions if you wish to enjoy the fruits of your time invested in reading this article.

Shut your Ears to What Discomforts you!

You see, every newspaper, news channel, on TV, radio, billboards, everywhere… there is so much about this pandemic that it is not only overwhelming for a person with a mental health condition but also those who report fine on this aspect. What I practice as my wake-up ritual is to simply shut my ears to these depressing state of things. You may still choose to stay updated with the recent developments but somewhere later in the day when you are in a more stable situation.

Spending Time with Pets and Kids

I have a very busy schedule as a digital marketer, every moment I invest, I seek a return either monetary or larger humanitarian goodwill. So, I thrive on a lot of energy that burns to propel my actions. Staying with children or spending time with pets, adds to my energy. It replenishes me and I am able to breathe in hope for the best in the next moment. Not much, just as little 10 minutes with your pets or kids can really strengthen your heart muscles.

Your Mental Health Depends much on your Physical Health

Health is wealth. We who believed it otherwise, have now come to terms with this wisdom. So, I am very particular about wealth, I mean health. There is nothing out there that will convince me otherwise. I ensure that I take care of my health with good food and timely sleep. When I eat, I also swallow the truth that I take my privilege to feed my hunger with gratitude. When I go to sleep, I recall the gratitude and sleep without any expectation for tomorrow.

Acceptance as one of the Major Mental Health Best Practices

My mental health is a condition with terrifying lucid dreaming, but I have gained acceptance from within. Maintaining good mental health is about acceptance. I have been a late bloomer in my life in many things, trust me, many things. I also feel a wave of dissatisfaction with not getting things right. But guess what? I hate to cry over the HAVE-NOTS. People do not have limbs, sight, posture, privilege, opportunities, so many things. Some people have so little time on the ventilator, in the critical ward, in a glass apparatus… Yet, they stay strong and face it. I’d recommend that sooner you make peace with the have-nots, the more energy you’ll have to protect your HAVES and pursue those that you MAY HAVE.

Staying Focused on the Purpose of Life as a Mental Health Best Practice

My last hack to mental health wellbeing is to stay connected and focused on what I am here to do with this life. I don’t feel challenged by the thought of artificial intelligence taking over jobs because as a digital marketer and creative being, I call creativity the “brilliant virus” unlike Donald Trump who credits COVID-19 for its intelligence to elude science. In this context, I urge you to pursue anything that is creatively pleasing to your wellbeing. Creativity helps you stay connected and focused and keeps your worries at bay.

I hope that this investment of my time will deliver to your wellbeing and that’ll be the return on goodwill I look forward to. If you are looking for mental health support or know someone who can use this service arranged by Prakriti Foundation based in Chennai, visit CARE for COVID.

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Do not use this video as advice against a necessary visit to doctor or consultation with an expert mental health practitioner. Stay home, stay safe, and take deep care of your mental health and those around you. Let’s kill COVID together.

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